A Birthday in Jurassic Park

The only problem with having a birthday in Jurassic Park is… the dinosaurs! Aaaah! Run for your lives!


Okay, don’t be frightened. It’s actually just a cardboard cutout, and you (or the birthday boy) can totally pretend that you are about to punch it in the face.


It was a group effort to turn my nephew’s home into a Jurassic World. My sister does an amazing job making her ideas become a reality. She, along with her husband, work really hard to make their kids birthday dreams come true. I wish I could say I contributed. (But if you remember, I just got home from vacation and didn’t even have milk in my house…) Needless to say, I was completely useless. But I do know how to appreciate (and photograph) the details!




My dad made the awesome “Jurassic Park” sign over the door. My mother, inspired by Pinterest, made dinosaur bones from marshmallows, pretzels, and white chocolate; she baked sugar cookie “fossils” imprinted with dinosaur tracks; and she painted an umbrella to replicate that crazy dinosaur (the Dilophosaurus) that everyone (or just I) thought was harmless and then it let out that terrible screech and the head fans out and it spits acid at Newman from Seinfeld. Scary.


It was just protecting the Dino Juice… and it’s eggs. Muwahhahaha. (That’s my maniacal laugh.)


There really wasn’t a detail left undone. From the vines hanging from the chandelier to the dinosaur salivating over the food table, for the moment we were all transported to another time.


A time with danger lurking around every corner… or hanging on every wall.



On a side note, I think it’s adorable that my nephew requests cheesecake for his birthday. I mean, you might as well have something you’re going to enjoy… If you can get it out of the cage.



Whew! That was dangerous, but I got a piece.

And I’d like to thank every dinosaur big and small who made an appearance. The birthday bash was a roaring success. (Get it? I’m so funny.)


Happy Birthday Jude!


  1. The Birthday Boy asked if we could leave it up forever. He was so excited. I wonder if this will help form his decorating preferences? Rach did a good job of planning and an assist from Granny. I thought it looked great and agree… Let’s leave it up.

  2. Wonderful theme for a birthday party! I think it is great the whole family pitches in to help. I bet the birthday boy had a party to remember! Thanks Sadie – have a great weekend. 🙂

  3. This is awesome! 😀 And I love that you had a roaring good time! 😉 I am so impressed with your Mom’s dinosaur bone treats and fossil cookies– they are so clever!

  4. Ohh myyy!! On first glance I was thinking you were writing about the Jurassic Park in Universal Studios. Hell those, cookies and dino bones could give Universal a run for their money!! And nooo kidding, I did not find any of them there. I am running out of adjectives to applaud the efforts of your family in making this Jurassic themed birthday party come true <3 What a birthday Jude had 😀 I am sure he will remember this for ages and then we have photos to cherish the memories <3

  5. Love your pictures and captions!! The party was pretty fantastic…I told Rach she better save everything because you know one of the boys is going to want a dinosaur party eventually!! 😃

  6. What a lovely dinosaur themed party!! I must say it is one of the best I have ever seen! I loved the little dino on the cheesecake and oh the fossils… such a genius idea! Attention to detail at its best! 🙂

    1. The timing was good since Jurassic World had been released on DVD a little time prior and props were available from a local display. Those props and the themed snacks were very affordable. My mother who likes to paint decorated a dollar store umbrella- which really only costs time (and paint if you don’t have it). Similarly my dad made the signage hung over the door. The mask over the food table was an investment- I can’t remember the price now, but I do know it had double value because it was also kept as a gift for the birthday boy. Toys were also purchased to decorate the cake, but a nicely done hand decorated cake would be good too and would help cut the cost. Thanks for stopping by!

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