A Failure and A Liebster Award

Sadly, I have to admit that my WordPress Cooking Challenge, to make the dishes of eight bloggers is a bust. At least for now. I was able to make seven great dishes by seven diverse and fantastic bloggers from around the world. It’s been a lot of fun, and it’s something I plan on continuing to do in the future! My last dish is from What’s Bec Cooking, one of my favorite blogs because of getting to know Bec; who is supportive and kind, and her dishes and desserts look amazing! I also have recently become a huge fan of some Indian curry chicken dishes. So, when I read the title for the recipe Quick and Easy Curry Chicken, I was enthusiastic to try this dish with an Asian twist. Unfortunately, I have been unable (to date) to locate Kaffir lime leaves and curry leaf stalks. You cannot imagine my disappointment!!! I’m not giving up, let’s just say I’m putting it on hold, until I can expand my ethnically diverse grocer options.
In better news, I have been nominated by Chronicles of a Keeper for another Liebster award! I’m so appreciative! She has a great blog about food, family and faith… My three favorite things! I also love sharing great blogs I find in hopes that others will enjoy them as much as I do!
The rules of the award are:
• Link back to the person who nominated you
• Include the instructions in your post
• Answer the 11 questions given to you by the nominator
• Display the Liebster award logo in your post
• Nominate up to 11 other bloggers with less than 200 followers
• Create 11 questions for the nominees
• Notify all nominees via social media/blogs

Here are the questions for me to answer:
1 What brought you to the world of blogging?
I had very little knowledge of what blogging was about before I started. But I did have a strong desire to contribute in another way than just being “mom”- without quitting my day job.
2 What do you find to be the hardest part about keeping a blog?
Achieving the level of creativity I’d really like! My priority is still being a stay at home mom of four. I clean house, pack lunches, change diapers… it takes time, literally.
3 Do you try and mimic others’ writing style or do you thrive on being your own style of writer?
I wish I felt like I had a writing style! I keep thinking I should take a class (in my free time). I pretty much just write the way I speak and think.
4 If you were to ever host a “famous” writer for a guest post, who would you choose?
My leisure reading these days is pretty much limited to cookbooks, which is befitting for a guest post on my blog! Maybe Ina Garten, since she doesn’t have a blog of her own.
5 How does your faith impact your writing?
I want to be a light and a positive influence. I want to feel like anyone, children even, could read my blog and it would be safe. Jesus is the center of my life, but I didn’t start this blog to preach. I’m just sharing my life, and hopefully He shows.
6 How does your writing impact your faith?
Specifically, knowing that I’m putting my words “out there” maintains a level of accountability.
7 What other outlet do you have besides writing?
Baking and cooking, but I really keep telling myself I’m going to start regularly exercising.
8 Do you sometimes wonder you share too much in the blogosphere world?
Definitely. Almost daily. Four months ago I didn’t have a Facebook or an Instagram account, it’s a culture shock.
9 Do you sometimes feel that maybe you are too guarded in the blogosphere world?
10 How did you decide on what (and how much to share) about your family?
I can’t say I haven’t thought about it. But I really have just taken it one story/event at a time. I decided the people I relate with most, and who I have connected with the most, and ultimately who have been the most helpful are those who have shared their experiences openly.
11 Do you have any blogs you really faithfully follow (as in actually consistantly read)? (If so, share!)
I follow about 100 blogs plus, I read at least half of them in their entirety (the majority being recipes). I consider many of them to be friends. Off the top of my head (including but not limited to and in no particular order): Natascha’s Palace, What’s Bec Cooking, Life Bellissima, Healthy in all Hues, Lynz Real Cooking, Quirky and Wonderful, OLD Country Girl, Old Orchard Chronicles, Chorizo & Thyme, The Richmond Avenue, Clair Neriah, Rachel Mankowitz, The Annalist, My French Heaven, Smiling Notes, Bright Shiny Objects, The Pioneer Woman, How Sweet Eats…

I think I have nominated most (if not all) of those blogs in the past, with the exception of Chorizo & Thyme. Which is why I’d like to nominate Roberta of Chorizo & Thyme for the Liebster Award!

Your 11 questions (should you choose to accept) are as follows:

  1. What got you into blogging?
  2. You’ve been at this a little while now. What drives you to keep posting?
  3. You’ve traveled quite a bit, where is your favorite place you’ve been?
  4. Where would you like to go that you haven’t been?
  5. Who do you love to read?
  6. You and a guest have just been awarded dinner anywhere in the world; Where are you dining and who are you bringing?
  7. The president of Malta has read your blog and is coming for a no fuss home cooked dinner, what are you making?
  8.  Are you more of a coffee or tea person?
  9. What bothers you most about being a blogger?
  10. Which is your favorite season, and why?
  11. It’s a perfect rainy afternoon all alone: do you pour yourself out over a typewriter, read a book or watch a movie?

Thanks again Chronicles of a Keeper!


  1. Congratulations again!!! As far as the curry spices go, check out Penzey’s spices, they have just about everything and anything you can imagine, along with a wonderful website and recipes. In my most recent catalog from them, they did have a curry section so hopefully they will have what you are looking for! xoxo

  2. Wow that curry chicken with the Asian twist sounds really awesome..hope you get those ingredients and make it soon! Btw..glad to know the answer to the 11th question..😊your blog is one of my favorite and I always look forward to reading your posts!
    Oh and I was raving about your pumpkin bread yesterday and showed it to my hubby lol 😀

  3. Congrats on the award Sadie! Curry leaves are really difficult to find in the US, but should be easily available in an Indian Grocery store, I really miss it specially when I’m coking south Indian food, it’s such an important ingredient for that cuisine.

    1. Thank you Freda! I found a great Indian food store about 45 minutes away from me when I was making some Indian dishes before… I was wondering if I should try that route since I have been unable to find an Asian specialty grocer!

      1. Yeah I guess, Curry leaves are more prominent in South Indian cuisine, rather than the far east. The Indian grocery store is like an hour’s drive for me, and they don’t even keep curry leaves, sigh! You will have to try it, I’m sure you will love its unique flavor 🙂

  4. Hi Sadie, apologies for my late comment….we’ve just returned from our holidays and I was having too much fun to blog! 😛

    Congrats on all your awards!! 🙂 Very deserving indeed!

    Awwww……I’m so sorry to hear that the lack of kaffir lime leaves and curry leaves stopped you in your cooking tracks! They really make the dish in my view……I’d be happy to post you some if you like!! 🙂 We have a big curry leaf tree in our courtyard and my mum has a kaffir lime leaf bush in her garden 🙂 Feel free to email me you address and I can easily send it to you 🙂

    1. Glad you are home safely and that you had so much fun! That is an amazing offer! Thank you! I’d love to take you up on it, however at my own cost. We’ll have to figure that out;) I’ll be in touch!

      1. We had a great time!! The girls travelled really well and enjoyed the various attractions and sights. I was quite apprehensive before we left as I did worry about how they would go with the flights and the long days, but they were so good and much less effort than I expected.

        You’re most welcome 🙂 Email me your address and I’ll make it happen! 😉

      2. I hope you post some pictures! I’ve never travelled there and would love to read about your experiences! …and maybe we can trade? There’s got to be something over here you would like? Maybe some LaCroix, lol!

      3. I will eventually post pics!!! I’m struggling to get back to blogging….trying to settle back into the reality of work and home life after a wonderful break!! 😛 The girls and I came back with a cold too, which doesn’t help 🙁
        ha ha…LaCroix might be hard to post! Perhaps something more post friendly. You can surprise me ;P
        In the meantime, please email me your address 🙂 whatsbeccooking@gmail.com

      4. Thanks Bec! I’m a little behind and suffering with a cold too! 🙁
        I thought I would try that Indian store before you go through the trouble, but I haven’t had a chance to get there. You are so thoughtful! Thank you so much, and I hope you feel well soon!

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