Dinner Club – Fall Soup

It had been a while since our last dinner club gathering. Summer is so full, then school it was starting… But I missed it, and was ready for it to begin! You might remember that we had put cuisines from all around the world in the drawing and at the last dining event had drawn Israeli cuisine. But to get back into the swing of things, I sent out a simple invite for a soup swap. It seemed timely and seasonal, and a nice way to fall back into the groove. It was a small and intimate group this time, 7 out of our now baker’s dozen, 13. It was so good to see everyone again around my dining table, and so great to try some new things! (If you are new to my blog and would like some background information, click on Dinner Club.)

I apologize for the photography, my dining room has very little natural lighting to begin with, let alone in the evening. Because this is supposed to be like my version of a Girl’s Night Out, I make no apologies about the paper plates. (The last thing I want on my night out is a large stack of dishes…) So the place setting was kept simple. (Although for the picture it might have been nice if I had soup in the bowl. Hindsight…)


But how beautiful is the centerpiece from the remaining flowers in Holly’s garden! After the first Dinner Club, we added this assignment. It’s essential.


I divided the assigned tasks into 3 soups, 1 bread, 1 drink, 1 centerpiece, and a dessert.  I was assigned bread. And I am slightly embarrassed to say I took the easy way out (just this once). Although there are no rules one has to follow, in theory I’d like to challenge myself a little more. But hey, let’s be real… sometimes I’m just happy the house is ready for company and I’m dressed. So I bought the loaves at the store and the pumpkin cornbread was a box mix from Trader Joe’s. There. I said it.



Fun dinner drinks is another thing I love. Catie made a great version of a recipe she found on-line with organic apple and pear juice with ginger ale, garnished with organic apple slices. (I hope I haven’t made my friends feel like if they’re bringing something to my house that it has to be organic…) Honestly, the pictures do not do it justice. It was so refreshing and delightful!

IMG_1576 IMG_1578

How cute are the rustic apple slices to garnish the drink! They were fun to eat or add to the drink.

How cute are the rustic apple slices to garnish the cup! They were fun to eat or add to the drink.

We had trio of really delicious soups for supper. Rhonda (aka my mom) brought GG’s Beef Stew. It’s a tomato broth hearty and rustic stew, full of beef, potatoes, and carrots. It’s a family favorite where the meat and vegetables are perfectly tender -and never disappoints. Tara brought a scrumptious Autumn Carrot and Sweet Potato Soup from Once Upon a Chef. It was a gorgeous bright orange seasonal soup that I want to eat every day until December. It had a warm curry twist that I fell in love with. Molly brought a creamy cheesy Asiago Bisque from Chef in Training. Asiago Bisque! Need I say more? It had potatoes and bacon and every bite was better than the one before.


IMG_1594 IMG_1617


My setting ending up looking like this.

We could have served the soups one at a time, like separate courses, but then I couldn’t have gone back and forth with spoonfuls of each one. And since they were all hot and ready to go, why not? A fall feast fit for a queen! (I really wish I was a better photographer.) But we didn’t stop there… We had to have dessert! Bailey the youngest member of our group made a white cake with a cream cheese frosting. I am also proud to say I did contribute something from scratch, Chocolate Brownies from Three Sister’s Bake.


I had a great time as usual, and I can’t wait for our next get together! This time we will stick to the plan and try Israeli cuisine. For the recipes to any of the soups click on the name of it, highlighted in red. They are all worth it. For photography tips, ask someone who knows!


  1. Looks and sounds fantastic! Things that make me want to re-relocate a little further south: Sadie’s dinner club, ESC fellowship, and this premature snow Petoskey got overnight!

  2. I would love to be in your dinner club, Sadie! The soups sound so delicious! Beautiful table setting as well, and I would love to try the apple beverage! Sounds like such a fun evening! 😀 If only airline tickets weren’t so expensive!!

  3. I agree with Anna, wow this looks like a wonderful group as well as fantastic food. The table was lovely and the soup wow! I wish Anna and I could pop over! honestly this is just a warm and feel good post! Thanks Sadie!

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