Dinner Club

Okay, so my two year old is potty training and my baby, who can not be set down due to allergies and constant itching is already 5 months old. My nine year old has soccer practice and games at least three times a week and my 4 year old only goes to gymnastics once a week. So, what do I do with all of this free time? I want to start a dinner club! (Oh, and a blog, but that’s another entry).

I have a strong desire to make fun dishes that I know my family won’t eat. So, where’s the fun in that? No where, that’s where. Cooking is a stress reliever after all, and don’t I deserve some time for myself? I think I do. There it is then, I’m starting a Dinner Club. Fortunately for me I have friends that like to cook, bake, eat and share. I knew they’d be down.

Once a month I have decided that a group of my friends and I would each make a dish for a Mommy’s Night Out- Dinner Club (or In, in my case, since I’m hosting it, but Owen is taking the kids out). Each dinner will have a theme. I will send out an e-mailed invite and then those who can make it are given randomly assigned dishes. Dishes are subject to change depending on what seems right for the theme. For example, our first dinner was a Traditional Potluck. I thought it would be a nice way to get our feet wet. Then I literally drew names and dishes from a pile, well two separate piles. Dishes included, a main dish, soup, salad, pasta salad, 2 desserts, (it’s a potluck!) three sides and a drink. It was so fun to see and try what everyone brought!

I made the main dish, slow cooked Orange Glazed Ham. Rachel had salad, which included Brussels sprouts, toasted almonds, Manchego, dried cherries and dried cranberries, etc. Erica made Italian Wedding Soup. Tara made a Butternut Squash, Champaign risotto. Molly made a potato dish with the best crispy fried leeks. Jenn made a slaw type dish with Brussels sprouts and bacon. AnnMarie made a rice pilaf with mushrooms. Bailey made fudge and brownies. Catie made blueberry crumble bars. Brenda made lemonade and brought flavored Perrier’s and coffee. Rhonda brought a creamy cold pea and pasta salad. It was a smorgasbord and delicious to say the least. Next time, I’ll take pictures.

After dinner we put all of our suggestions in a bowl for future themed dinners we’d like to have. Suggestions included ideas like, Breakfast for Dinner, Cheeses of the World (where each dishes would have to include a cheese), Italian, and so on. Catie drew Indian. So, that’s it. Our next dinner will be Indian and will include an appetizer and bread. Indian, what do I know about Indian food? Tempura… Chicken Satay… Curry & Turmeric… Not much! That’s what this is about! I’m so excited!

I’ll keep you posted…


  1. Sarah- want you to know that I’m loving your blog! It’s cheerful and delightful! I love having an insight to what’s going on. I love you

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