Entertaining has always come naturally for me. Not in a stand up comedian sort of way, but in a let’s get together sort of way.
I come by it honestly. My mother has always been excellent at entertaining. She is a natural decorator, party planner and hostess. And thankfully, since I didnt have a place of my own until adulthood, she was gracious enough to let me use hers. Of course that really means she was doing the entertaining, but none-the less the desire was there! And no matter if we were hosting the cheerleaders before a Friday night high school football game or I was bringing home a couple Bahamians who couldn’t go home for our college Thanksgiving break, providing place and food has always been sort of a specialty. Not only could mom make it special, via football shaped party trays or harvest themed lodgings, but she was always great at making people feel welcomed and comfortable.
I always loved bringing people home. I wanted to share my family and give my friends a wonderful experience. And I still do! Welcome to my nest!

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