Goal Assessment

It has occurred to me that I have a list of wants, and if I don’t want to forget them; I need to jot them down in goal format so that I can visualize them into becoming a reality. How’s that for a power statement of fluff?

#1 Get organized

  • If I’m going to be a professional blogger I’m going to need to get organized. That is to say, if I want to take my unpaid blogging hobby seriously, I need to get my act together.
  • Meal planning. Life would a lot more simple if I had an actual grocery list in advance for all of the meals I want to try. So that when I go to make my harvest chili, I have the sweet orange peppers I need and the apples I am saving for the same recipe don’t go soft and brown in the meantime. Sounds perfect in theory; you should see my chaosΒ in the grocery store.
  • Catch up on fellow blog posts in my reader.

#2 Plan Noah’s birthday party

  • I’m so behind it’s ridiculous. I don’t want to talk about it

#3 Get a planner

  • If I had one place to put everything maybe I could actually do it. If I remembered to write it down, and actually use it. But this is the new organized me, so of course I would will.
  • Maybe I wouldn’t forget the blog posts I had planned if they weren’t on random pieces of paper or notes on my phone.

#4 Make a loaf of bread

  • I really need to get over my mental block. People have been doing this thousands of years, with much less convenience. I need to get over myself.

#5 Lose 5 pounds

  • There, I wrote it down, so I will certainly take this seriously.
  • Start an exercise regimine. I will be happy I did, I know this. So remind myself of this when I don’t feel like doing it.

Well now that it’s out there in the big wide world of web, I am sure to come through, because I have forced myself into accountability… sort of. And thank you for unwarranted participation. πŸ˜‰


  1. This post made me laugh… you are such a character πŸ˜‰ (I don`t mean it bad at all!!!). I just think, it is so funny to read about other people`s habits. Then I always realize how different everybody is and I think it`s good. Could you imagine if everybody would be alike? Horrible!
    I`m very organized and have always been. There can be times when everybody would swear that I don`t get my things done in time but I always do! The only time I could think of when I really thought I won`t be able to finish my things has been Addison`s last birthday. It`s New Year`s Day and it has been kind of crazy to prepare everything on New Year`s Eve … this time is different, I learned and will get it done perfectly!
    Good luck with everything on your list!! πŸ™‚

    1. I’m glad you got a laugh out of it:) Yes, on the upside of me not being as organized as I would like, is that I don’t take myself too seriously… and I’m a fan of sarcasm, (as long as it’s not mean) so I hope people can see it;) And thank you, the birthday party is starting to weigh heavy, really – when I think about it.

      1. No mean at all. I did laugh because I thought it`s hilarious! And you are completely correct: In the end it does not matter if you are organized are not; the most important thing is that you don`t take yourself and life too serious, but have fun in life and see the positives!

  2. I think having a list makes me more efficient in doing other daily tasks, because I am constantly doing anything but my list…I’m excellent at procrastinating…I think you’re somewhat the same, although definitely much more organized than me to be sure! So just think, if you didn’t have a list, you may have forgotten to put pants on this morning, or forget to feed your 4 kids breakfast, lunch, dinner and 12 snacks or even worse not watched Fixer Upper!…Long live the list! So that your world continues to go round😘

    1. I suppose I do have an ongoing mental list… I just need my extras to be listed. (Emphasis on need πŸ˜‰) BTW finished the Fixer Upper series on Netflix! (Now I can scratch that off of the list!) Good morning Rachel! β˜•οΈ

  3. You’re going to love meal planning, it really does make grocery shopping so much easier! A planner is awesome too, I have two, one on my phone for my appointments and then a paper one in the kitchen for everything my Darling and I do together.

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