Happy Father’s Day

I have a great dad. Let’s face it, I’m a daddy’s girl. I always have been. My dad is the best coach, cheerleader and teammate ever; as in “I’ll teach you everything I know. I’m proud of you. And we’re in this together, you are not alone.” He is very patient, extremely generous and a great listener. He has been a great example of a husband and father. I could get really choked up talking about my dad. God has blessed me greatly. He is also the best to cook for. He’ll try anything. 

Now I think my husband is a great father. But he’s not my dad… So from the horses’ (or kid’s) mouth’s;

(BTW getting an interview out of them is like pulling teeth)…

Naomi, our 4 year old says “He’s sweet and kind. He’s a good dad. He is my twin.”

Isaiah, age 9, says “He’s very nice.” Really. That’s all I could get out of him.

Elijah is two, he said “He plays with us. I took my shoes off. God loves daddy.”

Noah, the baby, was sleeping so I could jot this down. Of course if he could talk, I’m sure he’d say something deeply profound.


Steve is Owen’s dad. He’s pensive, dependable and loyal. He’s always willing to help. He loves his children and grandchildren, all nine of them! Many people have issues with their in-laws, not me; he is a great father-in-law.
Happy Father’s Day to all the dads!

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