I Want the Minivan

We’ve made it driving in our SUV complete with a third row for quite some time, well since baby number 3 came along. We all have a place to sit, or rather a place for all of the bulky car seats to sit, and we come and go as we need just fine. We even drove our Acadia to Florida this year for the quintessential family road trip (that’s a story all on its own,) and lived to tell the tale. But in truth, it’s not as easy as it might sound. In fact, it’s mostly kids stepping over the diaper bag, mashing gold fish crackers into the floor, and trying to squeeze by sleeping siblings, but it works. Now in the mean-time my husband had been driving a sedan, and that worked for a back up when we were a family of five. But about seven months ago we had number six, and it was only a matter of time until we had to upgrade to something larger. We knew we wanted more space, a DVD player for the kids, and a luggage rack for road trips (honestly we should use the car top carrier for trips to the grocery store). Other than that we were open, we considered SUV’s, crossovers, and even full size vans. And then one day on a whim, we pulled into a dealership with balloons and sale signs… What can I say, advertising works. My husband went in first, while I stayed in the car with three of our children, to explain what we’re looking for and take a look at what they had to offer. After a while, he came out and introduced me to the sales rep. The man took us to the back of the showroom and showed us a vehicle that could accommodate our needs. I was a little leery, but the very nice salesman started showing us all of the features. The hidden storage under the floor, the seats that fold flat (I could fit a whole dresser in there!), pull up shades for every window, one billion cup holders (okay like 14), a second glove compartment, and the list goes on. It’s only after having four children and taken them on ridiculously long road trips (and even to grandma’s house) that I could fully appreciate these features. Space for DVD’s in the ceiling? Brilliant!

Not to be suckered into buying a vehicle the first place we stopped, I urged my husband to try a couple more dealerships. We looked at several options like Suburbans and Enclaves, and full sized Transits. Not sure I was ready to drive a bus, we went back to discussing something more like a Traverse… and then it hit me and I uttered four little words. Four little words that I never imagined would come out of my mouth, “I want the minivan.” Not me! I thought I’d buy a used Econoline before I’d buy a minivan! (Side note: I have no explanation for my rationale or unmerited stigmas.) But all of the sudden I had a strong desire for the Chrysler Town and Country. Who am I? A practical mother who appreciates space and the illusion of organization, that’s who.

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