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Loving Lately: A spot of tea


We all know that I am a coffee person. But why limit yourself?


I am also a long time drinker of tea.


There’s really no replacement on a cold dreary evening… or when nursing a sore throat.


The health benefits are really amazing actually.


The knowledge of the art is extensive.


It’s also a good reason to have a party.


Tea is really a culture all of its own…


Global even…


But I like to keep it simple.


Thank you Pinterest dearie, for once again providing me with photos to accompany my thoughts.



  1. Great post and I love tea too! I want that spoon with the words on it! Actually,I would like a set! I have that Tea with Jane Austen book! Great minds think alike! xxxx

      1. I love coffee too. I gave it up during my last pregnancy though. Ever since anytime I’ve tried to drink it after, it’s upset my stomach. So green tea it is.

  2. Being English born, I am hardwired to be obsessed with tea. From the delicate herbal tissanes to the necessary cup of ‘builders’ … black tea so strong as to be able to stand the spoon up in it, with milk, sugar optional but not for me and only EVER to be drunk out of a mug it is always a ritual and always restorative. I loved your pictures and this post heartily 🙂

      1. When I was first in France and entirely on my own, I fell down stairs and hit my head. My husband rang from the US to find a befuddled and clearly not entirely with it wife. He quickly rang friends of ours who live quite close and she is, crucially a nurse. When she arrived she was almost crying with laughter because she asked what advice he had given me and he said ‘I told her to make a cup of tea’! She being French found this hilarious, I being English had done as I was told since it seemed entirely logical 😀

  3. Love the post Sadie. That spoon is awesome! and the Adele mug, is a hoot 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Well, I pretty much grew up on tea, it was tea with every meal and in between, to the point, I am over tea and coffee is now my thing. Just got to get that mug !!! 🙂

  4. I am a HUGE tea drinker! I quit drinking coffee when I had quit drinking caffeine for skin cancer surgery for three days, and found I didn’t miss it. So I switched to green tea. For three years I drank one cuppa green tea in the morning, then switched to herbal tea for the rest of the day (any flavor). Then I had to go on high blood pressure medicine, then noticed one day after I switched to decaffeinated by mistake (I bought the decaf green tea instead of regular) my BP lowered by 20 points! As a test I drank decaf for three days in a row, and lower each time. Then I had a cup of regular green tea. BP was up again! So no caffeine for me now! I never knew caffeine could raise your BP that much (but I’m probably just oversensitive to it). Oops sorry for the book, but that’s my tea story, lol! xoxo

    1. My sister is in her 20’s and has to watch her BP. She occasionally has a cup of coffee but it’s mostly decaf herbal teas for her too. I’m sure you know you’re not missing out on a cup of warm comfort, because there are some great decaffeinated teas out there! I drink them for pure pleasure! Thanks KR 🙂

  5. I try to drink a few cups of green tea a day at work, which I always look forward to. I’m slowly replacing my morning coffee with green tea, but I’m not so sure I’ll be successful at that. Also, I must have that Adele mug!

    1. I really should drink more green tea with my metabolism and all. 🤔 I prefer black tea in the morning, well I prefer coffee in the morning… Thank you! Hope your move is going well!!!

      1. We’ve got most of our boxes unpacked and I actually ran home at lunch to work on it a little more. I’m trying to knock it out sooner rather than later before we get comfortable with boxes and things in storage!

        Have you tried Yogi teas? The Green tea with Blueberry is my favorite one. 🙂 Hope everything’s great, friend!

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