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Loving Lately: Coffee

I cannot take credit for any of these photos which were found courtesy of Pinterest.

Now that that is out of the way…

I love coffee. I started drinking it at a very young age, a watered down version that would make an appearance every Sunday morning along side donuts, at a fellowship gathering we would have at church before services began.

I love it in the morning when the air is cool…



I love to have a cup with my breakfast.



And any time of day to accompany dessert.



I take mine black, but do not object to the creamy froth that (depending on the process) can accumulate on top.


I love to talk with friends over a cup of coffee, at home or catching up at a café…


I probably have a dozen apparatuses for coffee preparation. As far as I’m concerned there is really no wrong way to prepare it (as long as it’s good, and done properly. 😉)


I can even drink it cold…


And all by myself.


The moral of the story is…



  1. Having my morning cupajo as I read. Had to post to fb tagging a few. I so love this post! ☕️ BTW – Black is my go to, as well, but I do enjoy creams @ times and oh my, Caramel Macchiato is divine…

  2. I LOVE that first picture!! Reminds me of camping/being up north. You wake up and there’s still a little chill in the air, sit outside with a warm cup of coffee, just listening to the birds and nature…..ahh so peaceful ❤️ Great post, basically coffee just goes good with life! lol

  3. Reblogged this on jenniesfoodblog and commented:
    Oh I love coffee! This Guest Post reblogged is wonderful. Believe me, your senses of taste, smell & sight will zing!
    Enjoy in a cozy spot with your feet up & your favorite cupajo! 😉

  4. Oh yes! My morning coffee is the catalyst to face the day and all the wonderful things and events in front of me. Somehow, without coffee, things just aren’t that rosy. 🙂

  5. Coffee is growing on me, but I will always be a tea person. Partly because I am so sensitive to caffeine that if I have it after about 4:00 P.M. I have trouble getting to sleep at night!

    1. I can relate to that. In college I could drink a cup and go straight to bed! But after cutting out caffeinated coffee during my first pregnancy, I lost that ability. If I’m going to drink coffee late, I try to drink only decaf… unless we’re going to be out late, in which I could use the help! lol. Thanks orchardgirl!

  6. I totally feel you! Best part is I love all kinds of coffee from espresso (I’m Italian) to food with coffee flavour to super long brewed coffee with various flavours 😀 It’s one of my vices and I love it <3

  7. I love coffee also. It’s the socially acceptable drink of choice. Plus it’s so good to socialize with. Ahh coffee…

      1. Although I’m from a region which swears by morning tea…But I love coffee equally! The aroma of roasted coffee is …quite appetizing.

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