Loving Lately ❤️

Loving Lately #1: Back to School Hairdo’s and Clothes

How cute are all of these back-to-school pictures on Facebook? All those sweet little faces headed off to face the challenges of the day, fill their heads with letters and numbers, and socialize with their peers! (I saw a few pretty cute homeschoolers out there too!) Isaiah has had surfer dude or skater dude hair for a long while. So when he decided to go short like “Captain America hair,” it was such a fun change. I haven’t seen him with hair that short since he was a toddler! Momma loves her boy!

Loving Lately #2: Little Spoons

If you know anything about me, you have an idea that I am a kitchen ware and utensil fanatic. I’m crazy about the stuff. And there must be a lot of us out there because it’s everywhere! (Has anyone gotten anything from Pioneer Woman’s new line? …I’m just waiting for an excuse, like in celebration of the next pay day?) Anyway I saw these spoons at Homegoods the other day. And they say cocktail spoons, which is all fine and dandy, but how cute are they going to be when I serve them with aside a latte?  (Note to self learn how to make a real latte.)


  1. Awesome haircut! And I love your creativity with the latte spoons! Oooh, I’ve been looking at the Pioneer Woman’s new line almost every day since it came out! (the tab stays up on my computer tablet ;)) I love all of the beautiful colors and the mason jar glassware!!

      1. I knew what you were saying! I didn’t even think of it:) It’s all so darn cute! And I’m getting so excited, I might just pack up the kids and head out to Walmart!

  2. I love the spoons! I bought little spoons when I was in Italy a few years ago…they are my special spoons that I use for ice cream and yogurt…no one uses them but me!! You’ll love yours 🙂 🙂

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