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Loving Lately #1: Seasonal Parties – Harvest Celebration

Admittedly, I am not crafty. But I know people who are! My mother for example has an artistic flare that passed me right by. She gets inspired by her six grandchildren and makes every season come alive in fun and innovative ways. And although I may not come up with these ideas, I certainly appreciate them! How adorable are these little pumpkins? And better yet, they are delicious, because they are Rice Krispies Treats! I know what you are thinking. Do they have organic food coloring? Well I like India Tree’s natural food dyes. (But I’m not saying that’s what my mom did.)


Our gathering took place at the family cabin, and at night for a little ambiance we lit a pumpkin style lantern. Originally made to light the way outside, the lanterns were made from repurposed hanging flower pots. The hollowed and carved pumpkins are set on a bed of colorful leaves and filled with a candle. Creatively my mother used paper bags and coffee filters for the bow! (People need to get creative in the woods.)

IMG_1987 IMG_1990

For entertainment we the kids played rounds of tic-tac-toe. Who needs pencils and paper when you have pumpkins and sticks?


Not really true to character she also made some pumpkin cake pops, covered in white chocolate and sprinkles. -That is to say carrying out a theme is all her style, but molded bakeware is more of my thing… So I’m pretty sure I’m rubbing off on her.

The party included good eats, and fun drinks too… which I’ll be sharing with you in the future. But for now I’ll leave you with this:


Because even though they’re not organic, they are a Michigan company. And you know I have to make a plug for my Michigan companies. 😉

Sidenote: I’d like to give credit to the sites my mom uses for ideas which are partially hers and some variations of things she saw on the world wide web, so I will in-part simply credit the internet.


  1. I didn’t remember that Faygo is a Michigan company. One great highlight of my childhood is that no matter what state we lived in, when we’d visit Daddy’s ‘elected’ home of Mississippi we’d always bring back to ‘wherever home happened to be at that time’ Barq’s Rootbeer as its a MS company and frankly, the best ever. And BTW I do enjoy Cream Soda! Thanks for sharing these fun details of your fall family get together. ~ Jennie

  2. Just a fun “tid bit”… Faygo “pop” was created by two Russian immigrant brothers who were bakers in Detroit. They wanted to flavor a drink after the flavors of their frostings. They were the first to call sodas “pop” because of the noise made when opening the bottle. Thanks for posting our party, it was so fun!

  3. What a wonderful and festive get together! The rice krispie treats look so cute! Wow your mom is creative! I love the pictures Sadie what a fun family time!! 🙂 thanks for letting us see this!

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