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I am a huge advocate for eating well. I am not a dietician, and I certainly could practice more moderation, but I am whole-heartedly in agreement with trying to eat your vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, etc. through your food. I have said before, and I’ll say it again; I am a believer in eating organic and non GMO/GEI crazy food experiments. I understand it can be costly which is why I always say “as organic as possible,” because every bit is a step in the right direction.

I am also always interested about specific foods and they’re health benefits. Not too long ago, a fellow blogger wrote an interesting post on the benefits of parsley. I believe herbs (and spices) in general have health potentials we haven’t begun to fully understand. And when I see something as informational as this, I’ve got to pass it along!

Loving Lately #1: Parsley

From Cooking Without Limits: Click “Parsley” for the full read.

Loving Lately #2: La Croix


Sometimes you just got to have some fizz in your drink and nothing else will do. Honestly diet drinks scare me. Fake sugar of any kind is linked to cancer and all sorts of other issues, and no joke I think it erases peoples’ brains. So, I try to avoid it. On the other hand too much sugar is a bad thing too. I personally don’t do well with big doses of sugar, and I certainly don’t need the extra calories. Enter La Croix, sparkling water but better! It’s just right. It’s flavored; it’s fizzy; it’s zero calories; it’s sodium free; it’s love. Currently my favorite flavor is Peach-Pear.


  1. I love La Croix too! I like the plain in the blue can. It’s my favorite with pizza and fried foods; it goes down like a coke, but like you said, without the calories:)

  2. That sparkling water sounds lovely, but I don’t think we have it in Quebec, or at least I’ve never seen it! I totally agree with you regarding artificial sweeteners though! I steer way clear of them and only use organic cane sugar in my baking and cooking. As for my drinks, if they need a touch of sweetness I use honey or maple syrup.

    1. I’m with you on organic cane sugar! 😉 I’m not sure of their secret for extracting the fruit essence without the sugar? However, sparkling water with a peach slice would probably be delicious!

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