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Loving Lately: Spring Flowers


You know what they say, “Spring showers bring May flowers…”


Well it’s holding true once again.


Although we had a snowy wintery start to our spring…


The flowers are on cue.


It’s the stuff sonnets and songs are made of.


I’m feeling it.


(And thank you Pinterest for providing me with images)


  1. I’m loving tulips this year! So thankful for people that plant these flowers, so I can walk by and enjoy them 😊

    1. Exactly! 😉 Actually, Isaiah and I tried two years ago to plant some tulip bulbs but they didn’t grow. 😔 We should try again!

  2. I sure know about that cold snowy spring start! It’s so funny that we had an awesome lead-in to spring with temps in the 80s then plummeted to just YUCK as spring officially started. Today we finally hit almost 80 again, YAY! Thank you for sharing the lovely Pinterest photos, Sadie!

  3. I can never get tired of seeing beautiful blooms this time of year. The images are just gorgeous. Our spring has been like a yo-yo, just when you think you’ve had 3 great sunny and warm days in a row, then down come the rains and the cooler temperatures. But I do remind myself, April showers do bring May flowers. 🙂

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