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Loving Lately: My Fiddle Bow Knife

One of my very favorite things I bought on vacation is a knife. It was completely unexpected. There I was at the Marco Island Farmer’s Market, looking at locally grown vegetables, freshly roasted coffees and sampling chocolates, when a vendor’s booth of lovely handcrafted woodwork caught my eye. Jerry Oppenberg had cutting boards in every custom shape you could think of; a silhouette of golf clubs in a bag, a football helmet, fish… you name it. I could tell he and his wife made for a great team. She was bustling around the booth, placing things just so and he was explaining how he would make any custom design you desired, all the while demonstrating his signature “fiddle bow” knife at the center of their display. Naturally, being attracted to kitchen gadgets, I had to ask for a try. It was love at first… slice!

Clearly it’s not replacing my chef’s knife, or paring knife. It’s not made for making quick work of a pile of onions needing dicing, or bulks of potatoes needing to be cut for boiling. It has a place of its very own, for slicing baguettes and cruditΓ©s while visiting with mom in the kitchen. It’s for slicing citrus fruits to be put in a pitcher while chatting with friends on a summer afternoon. And for slicing thin rounds of tomatoes, gorgeously sweet and juicy to place on top of white crusty bread with a drizzle of olive oil and a light sprinkling of sea salt for an impromptu gathering of loved ones.


I’ll be honest with you too, I haven’t mastered a slice of tomato that thin without using my mandoline. And something else I appreciate is the angle. Because of its saw-like function, it’s so easy to sit while cutting. No need to stand and apply pressure from the top! They come in a variety of wood finishes (with cutting boards to match). And because they are handmade, there is a selection for all of the left-handed users out there! Care is easy too, just wipe with a warm soapy cloth and rinse.

For more information or to get one for yourself visit BOWKNIFE.COM



  1. Very cool! Love those skinny little tomato slices πŸ… I think you should do a video, so we can see that knife in action;)

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