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Loving Lately: Organization

I’ve always been a somewhat organized person. I’m a little self-diagnosed OCD, or type A… or both, whatever you want to call it. I like to think I was doing pretty good until child number three. After child number four, I lost (ahem) some control. Firstly let me say, “I know there are people with more kids than me.” Secondly let me say, “I don’t know how they do it!” Oh I’m so tired right now. Okay, back to organization.

Organization is key. Even if you are one of those crazy desk, sticky notes everywhere mad geniuses- you have a system. (I am not that person, although on many special days when you walk through my front door you might mislabel me as that person- without the genius.) I appreciate order, a place for everything and all of that. So when all of the toys start piling up and I feel like exploding, I beg my husband to rent a dumpster and park it in the driveway. True story. But then my more practical side takes over; I push up my sleeves and start to declutter. DECLUTTER, I love that word. Let’s simplify. Three piles: keep, donate and throw away. Ahhh. (Perhaps a fourth pile named “garage sale” if you are so inclined.)

Also, I’ve been reading articles on organized/successful people that seemingly have it all together. Here’s what I’ve come up with:

  • Make your bed in the morning. This is something I do already, it adds a sense of tidy even if everything else is in chaos. It’s good for my mental health.
  • Make to do lists. I’ve been getting better about this. I’ve actually been pretty okay (how’s that for a description?) at writing things down, I’m just actually getting better about following up on the lists and scratching them off upon completion. Yes. One article I read suggested keeping a list at the side of your bed. I like that idea since I (and probably most people) think of things I need to do while I winding down- coincidentally enough.
  • Use a calendar. This is right up here with lists, and if you have a planner you probably have them combined. Since I have a house of 6 people with different appointments, check-ups and sport activities, etc. I have to have a calendar, because I am ridiculous I prefer a paper calendar (as opposed to electronic) that I most often leave at home. (…a work in progress)
  • Meal plan. Oh my gosh, I wish I was this awesome. What professionalism! I really wing it way too often. But who knows, maybe one day Sadie’s Nest will feature a whole section on meal planning. It really does make sense on so many levels. And you get to make and scratch off more lists- bonus.

Of course there are tips on sorting, labeling, shelving, folding… One day at a time. I feel really successful when the dishes are done, a load is in the laundry machine and everyone’s teeth are brushed. (And all of the toys are gone. Just kidding. Sorta.)




  1. I’m a lottle OCD too and I had four children and I can promise you it DOES get easier. In fact that fourth tip the scales to have I actually gone mad baby is 21 now and spending a few weeks vacation with me before heading back to Liverpool to complete her Fine Art degree. And she’s all in one piece and I am proud to be her mummy and mummy to all her sisters too all of whom also survived their mothers madness πŸ™‚

  2. I wouldn’t worry about lists and all that too much Sadie. I’ve seen some of those truly OCD “perfect” moms, and they’re a little scary😳 Lol! Seriously though, you inspire me! You keep a beautiful home, raise 4 loving and sweet children, make delicious & nutritious;) meals, and have a successful blog-actually when you see it all written down-you’re a bit of an overachiever😚

  3. I only have one child and can feel my life is out of control. Now that she’s driving herself around to all the activities has helped. I do believe in the making the bed thing. That is one thing I slid on for many years, but since I started doing that every morning (for the past 5 or 6 years!) I do feel quite a bit better about the day. Hugs Sadie, somehow most of the mothers in this world seem to get through it all, organized or not!

    1. It’s true, every day I seem to get through it. And nine times out of ten (sometimes I crash as soon as I hit the pillow), I thank God that all of the kids are home, safe, well, etc. regardless of the kind of day. Thanks KR πŸ™‚

  4. Oh how I can relate to this, Sadie! Great post, and I love your tips! πŸ˜‰ I always feel better when the beds are made! Lol. Right before I read this post, I was telling Jonathan how I’ve got to work in the house tomorrow — organizing!!

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