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Loving Lately: Shinola

Being a mitten girl, I feel a sense of (self influenced) duty to promote my state. I love Michigan, I always have. It’s beautiful! The trees, the wildlife, the trails, a.k.a the stuff dreams are made of! I love fresh water; fishing, swimming, boating, canoeing, kayaking, water gazing… I can’t pretend when I am oceanside that I am not taken aback by the salt. And although we have many thriving cities, the better known Ann Arbor and Grand Rapids (but many more smaller and quaint), we always seem plagued by the negativity that is associated with Detroit. I currently live about 30 minutes outside of the city. I grew up going to Tiger’s games and catching plays at theaters like The Gem and Fisher right downtown. Traveling abroad I never felt ashamed to say I was from Detroit (the closest big city that might be recognized). I remember feeling surprised (and saddened) once while in Portugal when telling a local where I was from that his response was “Is that still a city?”. It’s true there is crime, it has a recent tarnished reputation for political corruption, and automobile manufacturing has taken a big hit. But I am here to tell you, it’s not all bad! In fact, there is a lot of good. We have some great restaurants, the food scene is actually exciting! Most recently Wahlburgers has come to town, but before that we were housing restaurants from the likes of world renown Wolfgang Puck and Iron Chef Michael Symon. Of course, I have to mention local favorites like Slow’s BBQ, Giovanni’s, The Traffic Jam & Snug, Jolly Pumpkin, and the Hudson Cafe. And longtime favorites such as Lafayette Coney Island and it’s neighboring rival, American Coney Island, as well as, Pizza Papalis and The Whitney. Ok, I’ll stop, I could go on about food forever. The Eastern Market has been an incredible local treasure for over 125 years. It is one of the oldest and largest year round outdoor markets, a gathering point for vendors of all sorts; from local fruit, veggie and flower growers, artists and artisans, coffee roasters, to exotic spice merchants- just to name a few, that come to sell their wares. The Detroit Mercantile is a staple retailer where locals and visitors can find all things Detroit, vintage and current. And Shinola my friends is one of the very reasons we enthusiastically use phrases Detroit Proud and Detroit Made.

Shinola is a manufacturer that chose Detroit as their home to manufacture high quality and hand crafted products; watches, leather goods such as purses, wallets, journals and pet accessories, and bicycles. They saw a need and moved in to create jobs while others were moving out. They are teaching trades and skills to a new generation. Shinola is giving “Imported from Detroit” (Thank you Chrysler) some real validity. They are expanding their industry to include a Shinola Hotel by 2018, creating even more vocational opportunities. I believe wholeheartedly in supporting local businesses that build our community. So, I am loving the new beautiful timepiece my husband got for his birthday!

And thank you Owen for being a good sport and modeling for my blog!


  1. Great post and a great gift… and I’m glad you included Slows… You cant go wrong with the Reason and Cheesy Waffle Fries from Slows…

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