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Loving Lately: Party Cakes

August is a big birthday month for my family and friends. I love parties, and pretty things- that you can eat. I appreciate the art of it all. You know how they say you want what you can’t have? I don’t know it that if that applies exactly…


But I really wish I could decorate a cake.


I’d be happy if it would turn out half as good as these ideas.


I am amazed at the creativity of people; how they get ideas in their heads and have the ability to make it happen.


I think “Wow! Can you imagine the party that goes with these cakes!”


Well, they are probably fabulous. (Like Pinterest, which supplied me with the photos)



  1. Hi Sadie! I wish I could decorate cakes like that. They are all beautiful. Pinterest is like a vortex which eats time! But it’s brimming with great ideas and I can’t help wasting my time looking at gorgeous creations like those!!

      1. You can add the list to me also – I will leave the amazing cakes to others! Glad you are ok, hope you have a happy day my friend! 🙂

  2. That last cake is pretty fabulous😘 I know what you mean about cakes and parties-I get WAY too hung up on desserts-food, decorations, I guess you need that too lol but give me the cake😁 (In fact I’m already thinking we need a party with a honey bee theme because that cake is too cute)!

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