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Loving Lately: Fall Baking – Encore

I’ve been going a little crazy with the baking. We actually can’t eat as fast as I’ve been pulling baked goods out of the oven. We need a dog. Or a hungry neighbor… But look how cute these molds are!



I love them.


I also bought the new 70th Anniversary Nordic Ware bundt pans.


Because I needed them. It’s the season! I’m inspired! (Or I’m ridiculous and I can’t help myself.)

But I’m not just limiting myself to shaped cakes and breads. Au contraire.


We’ve had cinnamon rolls! I’ve been practicing pie crusts!


I love the smell of my kitchen.


And the smiles on my kids’ faces.

We’ve actually been baking and not taking pictures… or writing down ingredients.

Just enjoying the fruit cookies of our labor.


Except this apple crumble, I’m going to share this. Soon.



  1. I want to be your neighbor! Everything looks delicious and I love the molds! I am looking forward to learning more about the apple crumble 😀

      1. I take to Police Station and Fire Station closest to me and sometimes other offices around town.
        Thx. I appreciate the gift. I’ll certainly Treasure it.

      2. I always deliver on a real plate, because it’s special in my eyes and a card of appreciation for their going above and beyond. Especially in this day & time.

  2. Those are so cute! Wish I was with you doing all that baking 😍 Those cookies look delicious-I’m guessing peanut butter chocolate chip?! Actually, it all looks delicious–looking forward to those recipes!!

      1. Not quite as full as yours! Lol As for the business, you certainly have the recipes, talent, and drive…and I would be so happy to assist you 😊

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