Loving Lately

So Spring is not exactly “in the air.” In fact, currently the temperature is below freezing. But it’s that time in the upper midwest when we are ready longing for Spring. And because Michigan has drastically fluctuating weather, I am aware that beyond this nearly 60° forecasted weekend, there is probably still a snowfall on the horizon. Actually being the true Michigander that I am, I’m okay with it all. But I am still loving the idea of Spring… the gradual bursts of opened windows… the flower buds… the recipes…

I am really excited about making the spring line-up from Farmhouse Rules by Nancy Fuller: Spring Fling Fiddlehead Soup, Tavern Ham, Roasted Asparagus, Buttery Braised Radishes… Fiddleheads and radishes! How spring am I! I am looking forward to the fresh garden offerings, and more time outdoors. It’s menus like this, little peeks of sunshine, and days with longer stretches of light that fuel my fire this time of year.

It’s a time of transition. And it’s not very beautiful. The trees are still bare, the snow has left behind brown patches of mud… But it’s hopeful. It has the promise that good things are on their way. (Photo courtesy of Betterphoto.com) I’m eager for the good things that lie ahead. I think we all get that way after a long cold winter. It’s the homestretch, our rite of passage. I can almost taste it… and I want to taste it!

Here’s a random goal: I want to eat nettles. (Photo of baby nettles courtesy of forageporage.) Apparently, they only grow in the Spring. Eiven and Eve Kilcher, from Alaska: The Last Frontier, make them sound like the most necessary and nutritious things I’ve never tried. In their cookbook, Homestead Kitchen, they include them in several recipes from tea, to Nettle Bread, and even Nettle Burgers! …Now, how do I get nettles?

The first day of Spring this year is March 2o. Yes, (small cry) still over a month away. We are smack dab in the middle of “The Thaw” phase (photo courtesy of Flickr). But thinking about Spring helps me get through the cold and gray. And enduring these last cold murky days makes the appreciation of what’s in store all the better.

Thank you refreshrestyle.com for my featured image and inspirational spring quote!

(And even more so, thank you to my readers who put up with my ramblings! Xoxo)


  1. Nettles are wonderful … my paternal grandmother (she of the one arm that I wrote about once upon a distant memory) drank the water she cooked her veggies in and made everything from nettle tea to nettle pie and even, if I am not hallucinating, nettle buns. She lived to 91 in an era when three score plus 10 was the norm. Go don those rubber gloves and pick you some. And where there are nettles there will always be dock leaves to rub on the skin if you get a sting.

      1. I got into fungi here in France (that’s mushrooms, not my husband) and the advice was really really good – one at a time. Get to recognise it, learn how to use it. Love it. I think that goes for all foraging but it is SO satisfying and free makes it feel like apple scrumping in a giant orchard … that hurrah, triumphant victory dance when you forage a load of something bring it home and make delicious food with it (never mind if the rest of the ingredients are bought specially and cost a week’s budget) is unbeatable. Bon chance ma belle amie!

  2. We are also in the “spring thaw” phase but with more snow in the forecast. But we can see some grass in the backyard for the first time in almost three months, woo hoo! I have heard of these nettles, but would have no clue where to find any. Good luck on your hunt!

  3. Fiddleheads caught my attention. I’ve watched several YouTube videos and they sound amazing and crazy healthy. I’ve never been in the right place at the right time with the right mindset but someday…

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