My Random Thoughts on Social Media

Is Pinterest like the best thing ever? I’m such a late bloomer. I remember my aunt telling me over 3 years ago that I should be on Pinterest, and I had no idea. What did I do 6 months ago, before I could categorize all of my thoughts? How could I have truly appreciated the way I felt about a rainy day until I could display it to myself in 30 pictures? (And as ridiculous as that may sound, that is not sarcasm.) Love it!

I don’t even know where I’ve been. Literally. Everything is a blur, it’s going by so fast. Life. The kids. Thankfully modern media can remind me… where were you when you Pathed that picture? (Is that a word? Like when you tweet on twitter, do you path on Path?) Anyway, you catch my drift. Brilliant.

Does it amaze you the amount of information that scrolls through twitter? It’s overwhelming really. How much of it is actually useful? I have no idea. I might “click” on one thing a day. I must go past hundreds. Most of them I don’t even see I just press the icon that takes me to the top, and I might go down 2 or 3 images. Does everyone do that?

How annoying is Facebook? I mean at it’s best it’s wonderful. You can see family and friends, and their special moments and kids. That’s the good stuff for sure. And then there’s everyone’s opinions. I try so hard to not get political. I really do. Of course I have opinions. But I know not everybody wants to see them in some kitschy cartoon. And then I’ll see something clever, and think that’s cute/funny/fill-in-the-blank… so I’ll read another until I feel like I’ve really wasted too much time or even worse I see one of those really annoying everything against everything I believe in ones, ugh. It’s a love-hate thing.

Is everyone on Instagram? They should be. There are some amazingly talented people out there. And all you have to do is look. Here are a couple of my favorites: – totes amaze; @puremichigan – I’m partial; @helloemilie – that mysterious girl in a hat, she’s been to some beautiful places.


  1. I love this post Sadie! I am 53 so of course growing up there were no computers. My kids are so into computers and technology! They insisted I get texting back a few years ago, insisted I get a smart phone, facebook, instagram. It all seemed silly to me, now my son walks in and says oh brother mom are you on facebook, the blog or twitter, he then of course laughs and laughs!!! I am so cool huh? love your post!

    1. Lol. It took me a minute to get acclimated to Pinterest. And then then it clicked; fun stuff for the kids, table settings, party ideas!… Now I can get really carried away. I still feel #overwhelminglytechnicallychallenged – just think of what I could do if I really understood what I was doing!

  2. Pinterest is the best! I love that I can organize everything and it helps me brainstorm so many different things – meals, organizing/decorating the house, diy projects, gifts, how to get an impossible stain out of a shirt, potty training my dog…

    Overall, I think social media can be overwhelming! I’m trying to do 1-2 day “detoxes” where I don’t look at anything, and that’s been pretty great. Facebook drives me crazy at times, but I enjoy keeping up with my family that lives all over the world!

  3. Great post, Sadie! Pinterest is so much fun! I have so much fun on there! 😀 I have to periodically remind myself to go through all of my recipe categories — otherwise I tend to forget all the recipes I am wanting to try out! Lol.
    I completely agree with you about Facebook — I absolutely love connecting with family and friends, but like you said, there can be posts that aren’t beneficial and really a waste of time. I try to stay focused on family/friends. Do you get tons of ads coming up daily? :/

      1. Yes, exactly! Oh yes, on Pinterest I started with a simple “recipes to try” … ha! Now I definitely need “sub-categories” … breads, soups, etc.!! 😉 By the way, I love your pins!!

      2. Thanks, Sadie! Oh yes, I’ve really been wanting to make croissants and brioche!! I started a sourdough starter on Saturday — (that’s a tongue twister!) hope it works!!

      3. I think I pinned your sour dough too. I started a sour dough starter a couple months ago, it went great until bake time, my consistency was way off. I don’t know what happened. I’ll try again, maybe you can give me some pointers! I pinned a neat star brioche how-to today, I think you’ll like it:)

      4. I’ve been kind of confused about the sourdough starter — I’ve read a few variations. King Arthur Flour starts with water and flour, no yeast. I tried one with yeast, so I’ll let you know how it turns out. 😉 I noticed on the King Arthur Flour website you can “chat with a baker” — that could be very handy! 😉 Oh, I’ll definitely look for your brioche pin!

  4. I totally agree about Facebook, I also have a love-hate relationship with it. I see a lot of stuff on there that I enjoy, but then every once in a while I come across something that offends me or angers me in a big way. In order to avoid Facebook confrontations I steer clear of politics as much as possible on there, especially since we have a federal election campaign going on up here right now. The one thing I have been hammering out though are posts encouraging people to go out and vote, since voter apathy is something I feel strongly about. As for Pinterest, yup, it’s amazing! I have found a ton of great recipes on there 🙂

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