Nora Fleming Ware

I am crazy about Nora Fleming. I think her idea for one dish that is interchangeable for any occasion is brilliant. It’s perfect for entertaining because you just have to store one (or two…) dishes! Then you change your ornament to fit the occasion! And they are so cute. The day I stumbled upon these in a Von Maur department store, I played in their gift department for over an hour. I hadn’t had that much fun playing since Barbie. I think I placed every ornament into every dish. And every time I got equally excited. The platters are great for bringing your dish to a party, you can instantly match the event or ‘label’ your dish so people know what it is. Of course, the Fourth of July is approaching so the flag is perfect. If you are bringing veggies, use the adorable artichoke. What’s your event? Christmas? Just put in the stocking, or Santa cap, or reindeer or holly & berries ornament. Thanksgiving? There is a turkey for that, or the cute pumpkins, which you could use all fall long. Mother’s Day? She made a darling pink flower, which you could also use for a shower or just spring. Or for spring use the bird, or the nest with eggs… or the butterfly!


Birthday Party? They have a really cute colorful party hat.


BBQ? Use the hamburger or the ketchup and mustard.


Strawberry Themed Shower…or Fruit platter?


I have to stop. I could get really carried away.

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  1. This really is a great idea! It’s like collecting charms for a bracelet, except better, because it’s for food! I think #norafleming should design a Sadie’s Nest ornament;)

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