Promenade Artisan Foods

Trenton, Michigan is a great town along the Detroit River with historic charm and a thriving trendy vibe. It contains downriver Detroit’s best kept secret of Elizabeth Park (unless you’ve been to Jazz on the River or had your wedding pictures taken over the bridge). It also just happens to be the home of the cutest café to ever open in southeast Michigan, Promenade Artisan Foods. If you are from the area you might have sampled their cookies, brownies, and pies etc., carried by many local markets, or maybe even placed a personal order yourself for a pie during the holidays. Of course, now if you are in the area you can visit the coffee shop/café/dessert place in person!





Promenade Artisan Foods is celebrating their Grand Opening to the public this week! The owners Jonathan and Chelsie Brymer are a husband and wife team that have a love of family and passion for serving their community. They put that same love and care into every baked good they make from scratch and cup of coffee they pour -over (that’s a coffee joke). And speaking of coffee you are certain to enjoy another Michigan favorite as they are serving Chazzano Coffee of Ferndale to ensure you get excellence.


I have had the pleasure of sampling a few of their menu items and delicious creations. The strawberry tartine is a lovely light treat, an open-face style multigrain toast with a Mascarpone cheese, fresh strawberry slices and a drizzle of a balsamic reduction- really fantastic. Of course the kids loved the chocolate chip cookies, and a Nutella “pop tart” inspired pastry. But the biggest surprise was an Espresso Soaked Amaretti topped with pistachios, uh, genius! I think we should all have one every night after dinner.


Also in all seriousness, don’t leave without a slice of tomato, feta, and bacon quiche. Because even if you’ve filled up on pastries and don’t have room for it when you are there, you are going to be so happy to warm it up for yourself for breakfast the next day. (And I know this to be true from experience.) For more information, store hours, and to see their seasonal offerings visit the Promenade Artisan Foods Facebook Page.


Thank you Jonathan and Chelsie for sharing your culinary gifts and love of life with the metro Detroit area… And God bless you and your family with your new endeavor!


Sadie’s Nest


  1. Ooh this looks lovely! It looks like the kids approved too;) lol Can’t wait to try it sometime when I’m in the area 😃

  2. The Cold Brew soaked pistachio ball could win a cooking show contest… The cold brew iced coffee actually is a showstopper in itself, but then you throw in this pistachio ball… Its places like this that helped me go through college… Super good coffee, good music in the background, good food… and great service!

  3. I’m intrigued by the photo of the old console. Is it a record player? . . .combination record player and radio? In any case, what a fun vintage item!

    1. Isn’t that neat? For fun, I’ll try to find out what all it can do… In the meantime I can say that it was crooning some classic French café music that truly added to the ambiance. Thanks for commenting Sheryl!

  4. Now this is definitely my kind of place! Hopefully, someday, I will visit you in Michigan and this needs to be on our “to do” list! 😉

  5. Wow, everything looks too darn good. Thanks for sharing. I have never been in the Trenton area, but next time i’m in MI I will have to swing through. Fabulous pictures!

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