Sweetima’s Chocolate Mousse

One of the best parts about food blogging is you are constantly coming across new blogs with interesting recipes. Sometimes there is an instant connection, something intriguing that makes you want to know more. For me, I was instantly curious about Sweetima’s soft faded pictures of sweet treats. They all look beautiful, fluffy and light… and I’m a sucker for beautiful desserts.

I was always a salty person growing up, I’d take a bag of chips over brownies, ice cream or cake any day of the week. But that all changed during my first pregnancy. In strong waves of desire, I craved chocolate. All of the sudden I understood words like chocoholic. Nothing else but chocolate would do. When the pregnancy was over, my love of chocolate remained. Now I am officially a sweet and salty person.

I was having a strong yearning for chocolate on the day Sweetima posted the recipe for Chocolate Mousse, and I made a comment (and a mental note) to try this recipe. When fellow blogger, Healthy in all Hues, posted a challenge to make other food blogger’s recipes, it was just the incentive I needed!

The recipe was easy enough to follow, but I must admit I had a little complication with the method. I was doing okay until I had to whisk the egg whites over simmering water. In my prior experiences I whisked the egg whites at room temperature… and this time I really had to be careful not to let it scramble! Maybe because it was only one egg white? Probably because I could use more practice!

I also got a little panicked when the recipe said to divide the mousse into two portions. I don’t like to feel like I’m not going to have enough food. (I felt like my three year old getting one scoop of ice cream.) To compensate I made plenty of whipped cream, more than the optional amount suggested. But I assure you, the recipe was right! The mousse was rich, decadent and satisfying, more than I needed to appease my chocolate appetite.

For the original recipe and more sweet treats check out Sweetima!


  1. Looks delicious!! You should have created one huge choc mousse instead of dividing it!! 😛

    And I so get that sweet craving thing! I’ve always been more a savoury person, but with my first pregnancy, I craved chocolate milk and sweet things!! I continued to crave sweet things even while I was breastfeeding my little one….but thankfully it stopped after I weaned her. But the chocolate milk craving came back with my second pregnancy! ha ha…..it stopped again after weaning….and now I get sugar headaches if I have too much sugar! 😛

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