You know it’s all about that Game…

‘Bout that game, ’bout that game. No trouble!

Are you still looking for some fun ideas to serve your family and friends tomorrow? Because it’s time for the showdown of one of America’s favorite pastimes, Super Bowl LI! And let me start by giving credit to Hosting & Toasting for the watermelon cut-out of a football helmet. I love it! And they have some other cute ideas too.

We are a house divided this year. Two of my sons and I are rooting for the Patriots; my husband, daughter and baby boy are cheering on the Falcons. (To be honest I really don’t have a lot emotionally invested in the game.) Even though I am rooting for New England, I can appreciate how my husband has got my two-year-old going around doing the “dirty bird.” It’s fan-tastic. (Get it?)

Something we can all agree on are the snacks… not really. But we do all like to eat, so there it is! There are a few foods that seem to coincide with game day. I like to stay classic, but still venture into new flavors. However, I can say with confidence that finger food is the way to go! (Naturally, my very first food suggestion breaks the rule. Back and forth, back and forth…) Because people want to watch the game, not sit at a table!

But this table from Kara’s Party Ideas is pretty cute, am I right?

Almost everyone likes a game day chili and it really doesn’t get much easier. “Chop chop in the pot,” as Nancy Fuller would say. (I watch way too many food shows.) Here is my basic version of the classic, “Kid Friendly Chili“. It’s a family fave.


Last year I came up with a Yogurt Chicken Chili for a Chobani challenge. It was an instant hit at home. But if my chili dreams came true, this year I’d make Pat’s Famous Beef and Pork Chili recipe from Food Network. It’s got 5 stars out of 449 reviews… and bacon. Did you catch that? Bacon!

Pizza is a football watching staple. Of course ordering from your local “pie shop” is the easiest. Next, you’ve got some frozen options. I don’t judge. My kids love Annie’s organic pizza bagel bites. We like to make our own Pizza Bagels too.

But if I had my pizza way, I’d have something like this Chipotle Candied Bacon and Smoked Blue Cheese Pizza from How Sweet Eats. Now that’s a game day to remember!

Chicken wings are almost synonymous with Game Day food. You can buy them ready to bake. You could dip chicken tenders in buffalo sauce. Eating tasty food isn’t really complicated. Southern Fried Chicken is about as exotic as my kids will venture with chicken on the bone. But for the mature people out there, there are thousands of Buffalo style chicken wing recipes. Furthermore, this is what I consider “finger licking good,” Sticky Honey-Soy Chicken Wings from Tyler Florence. (I wish these were available with delivery.)

Loaded potato skins are up there with all things you eat while watching football. I like mine crispy and traditional. I think The Pioneer Woman nailed it.

Of course you need to wipe your hands (and face) after handling all of this food. I love this idea from HGTV:

Really you can make things as detailed or keep them as simple as you want. This year I’m keeping it pretty low key, but that’s not to say that next year I won’t be busting out my football field replicated party dip… like this one from

The key is to have fun with your family and friends! Have a great weekend! And Go Patriots! (Unless you’re rooting for the Falcons) 😉

Loving Lately ❤️

Easy apps could easily make a weekly appearance on Loving Lately. For someone who likes to entertain as much as I do, quick and simple appetizers are greatly appreciated. I always want to make my guests feel welcome, and obviously I love to feed anyone who comes through the door. I wish I was one of those people who always had a big pot of something cooking on the stove, but I’m not (yet). I can however offer you a good cup of coffee, and a tasty bite… usually containing cheese. (Have I mentioned my love of cheese?)

Loving Lately #1: Goat Cheese and Dill (pictured above)

This recipe is from The Pioneer Woman, and honestly I don’t think it could get any easier. If you can chop some dill and unwrap some cheese you’re set. I like to pair mine with toasted pita chips (more like crackers). It just seems Mediterranean doesn’t it? But I also like to give my guests some options. I already knew I like goat cheese, but I’m not usually a huge fan of dill. Until now! Something about it just works. You should give it a try.

Loving Lately #2: Cast Iron


I could actually make a whole blog post out of this alone. I can’t say enough about it. I love how it connects me to the past. I love the crust it gives my cornbread. I love the way it makes pineapple upside cake. I love that I can fry up sausage and get it crispy or how I can bake the same pan in the oven and make a giant cookie. I don’t think I would feel like a home cook without a cast iron fry pan. And camping certainly wouldn’t be nearly as fun. (By the way making biscuits over a campfire in a cast iron dutch oven is sheer joy! …for someone who enjoys those things.) If you don’t have any cast iron I urge you to try it. Lodge is a company in Tennessee, USA, They make great reputable products! Click here for more information.