Loving Lately 🛏

This week I am seriously loving my new B&B. It’s perfect; charming, cozy and inviting. The warm seasonal fruit muffins are fresh from the oven and ready to serve. Owen is stoking the fire in the idyllically welcoming front lobby… It’s all in my head of course; my new dream.

It’s a natural transition really. If you’ve followed me for any length of time you know that I’ve long yearned for a café and small farm. Except, I don’t think I do anymore; one of those “unanswered prayers” type of things. In reality, I’m much more of a homebody. A café is a real commitment! Maybe, just maybe, something like this coffee station from In Your Back Pocket is more my pace?

I’ve really got this desire that won’t go away… So I’ve been scouring the internet for articles on starting a Bed and Breakfast, a dog with a bone I am. And I came along a great piece from entrepreneur.com (also responsible for my lovely featured image) that includes some great start up ideas. Oh, and I am deep into fantasy land. Look at how cute these welcoming baskets are from embellishedweddings.com!

Some people pay so much attention to the details! These signs from The House of Smiths Designs are over-the-top.

I know you’re thinking, “Sadie, you hate to do laundry!” That’s true. But in my defense, towels and sheets are the first things I tackle on laundry day. (They’re the easiest to put away!) And I’m in dream mode right now… So let’s just focus on fun things like all of the sunshine pouring into this dining room found at bedandbreakfast.com.

And these ridiculously cute Mini Dutch Babies with Lemon Curd and Blueberries from Nerds with Knives.

Can you imagine how great it would be to serve those at my B&B? I would be beaming! …And I could stock a little community refrigerator for my guests to help themselves… it might look something like this from Live Simply by Annie:

Honestly, I think my chickens would just add to the charm. And obviously the eggs would be useful… this photo by Dreams Gather Here explains it all.

A delicious breakfast is a given… but equally important is the comfort of my guests. For the “bed” part of “bed and breakfast”, theBERRY.com has some really good ideas. I mean, I’d want to sleep here:

And who wouldn’t want to relax and enjoy a good soak in this tub captured by ollebosse?

Food for thought: Perhaps “Sadie’s Nest” is not just the name of my blog?

Please excuse me while I think about that all day.

Loving Lately

It’s the middle of January in Southeast Michigan and we’ve traded in our usual snowfall for a grey, cold and blustery thunderstorm. That can only mean one thing: staying cozy. Who doesn’t love staying cozy? (And thank you anonymous for capturing the essence of my indoor warmth while the world is wet outside.) I won’t pretend being a stay-at-home mom is an easy job, but it does allot me this: the opportunity to stay in my pajamas and ridiculously oversized socks. I’ll take it. Am I turning my back on the mounting laundry and stack of dishes to blog? Yes. I am also daydreaming about my perfect kitchen. It might look something like this from French Garden House:

Or this from loombrand.com:

I love the simple French charm of the first, but I’m kind of Bohemian at heart.

And speaking of hearts, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. So naturally I have to gather ideas for the holiday. How cute are this donuts from Frau Zuckerstein? Ich spreche kein Deutsch, aber ich danke Ihnen Frau Zuckerstein!


But really, before I can get to Valentine’s Day, I have to get to my daughter’s birthday. She’s feeling the “Shopkins” theme this year. Nothing screams “Shopkins” like Chuck E. Cheese. Er, wait. Don’t worry about it, I’ll figure it out. It would just be easier if the person who made these cookies lived next-door. I would love to know you, My Girls Lolly Bouquets.

In other news, I made Pork Schnitzel with a Beer-Mustard Sauce last night. So, I can scratch that off the bucket list. I really think I got the whole schnitzel thing right out of my system. That’s a lot of pounding. I might be a wimp, but my arm is sore. And if I may… just pan fry those pork chops.

But I have to try things, it’s just my nature; like this “Life-Changing 30 Masala Sauce” from Pinch of Yum. I love Indian food. And in 30 minutes? Yes! And why is it “life-changing”? I HAVE to know!

If that’s not your thing, here’s one for you: Sticky Apple Cider BBQ Chicken from How Sweet Eats. Yeah baby, put it on the list.

And how fun would it be to eat that food in this kitchen from ink361.com?

Let’s just think about that on a day like today. Because outside it’s like this:

(Thanks for the pic Zeutch.com) And we need to stay cozy… even if it’s a state of mind.

i want

i want a calgon take me away bath moment. except I don’t want artificial bubbles. and i want it in a porcelain tub with iron clawed feet. i’d like it to be on a carrera marble floor bathroom, the kind i pinterest. i want freshly cut hydrangeas of purple pink and blue around the room and a large picture window overlooking a sand and grass landscape that fades into the ocean. i want to live the instagram life of @helloemilie for a day, maybe three, because it looks like the best beach version of an anthropology catalog. i want david chang to make me noodles for dinner. and then i want a chocolat chaud from le notre in paris. when i come home i want my freshly bathed kids to give me a hug and a kiss before they go to bed on a night that they sleep through ’til morning. when i wake up i want a leprechaun sized barista living in my kitchen cupboard. thank you

Dream A Little Dream

I have a lot of dreams… As in, I see myself doing a lot of different things. Most of these dreams I see coming into fruition. Some of them, I am aware, still need to be sorted through and prioritized. For Example: One of my dreams is to own a cafe. Actually I always assumed my sister and I would run the cafe. We would narrow in on the early part of the day and most likely stick to breakfast items, baked goods, soups and sandwiches. Now, I know this sounds familiar, but it is not Panera. It is personal, and specialized and everything you’d want a cafe to be. Next, I want to be a coffee roaster. I have done a lot of research in this area. For instance, I realize that I am not living at the proper elevation or climate to grow the fruit. I do not have the facility to harvest the beans. However, I can properly store green coffee beans and roast them, with practice, to perfection (ideally). If given the right opportunity… I would prefer a professional grade drum roaster (as opposed to air,) because I like a good French roast, and I am not afraid to be hands-on. And there in lies the problem. Although the two of these dreams sound like they go hand-in-hand, I realize that to be truly efficient at both would require great skill, and in reality I should probably pick one.

A more recent (as opposed to years of desire) dream is to own a specialty kitchenware store. How fun would that be? I love the stuff. I have every shape of Bundt pan, Madeleine cookie sheets, popover pans, over 100 cookie cutters, a food mill… almost more apparatuses than I can comfortably store. And they say if you’re doing what you love it’s not work. And then, of course, I could have dinner parties in the back of the store! It’s almost too much to take in. The thought alone is totally amazing! Or totes amaze (depending on who’s reading).

I have a strong desire to have a farm. I have convinced my family, well mainly Owen because the kids were on board straight away, that we should raise chickens. Now, due to community ordinances (I live in a subdivision), I realize that these would be just pets. Pets that provide us eggs! Yay! My supportive parents found us the most adorable little chicken coop that will house two female chickens. No need for a rooster since we’re not ‘raising’ chickens (yet). Again, they are just our pets. But if I were to be completely honest, I have to let you know that I would also like a goat. A goat for cheese, and maybe in the future a dairy cow. I can see the value in a cat to chase away the mice. It has to be an outdoor cat, because my mother is very allergic and would never be able to visit otherwise. And my farm would also include a dog. I mean really, when you envision a farm don’t you see some large dog, like a collie, running through your acreage? Besides, how else are you going to herd the sheep? Just like two sheep, that’s plenty for me. And two gardens, a full vegetable and flower garden. Hey, I’m dreaming right? But if I have to, I can stop at the goat, or maybe the dairy cow… and two gardens. I definitely need the two gardens.

A little farm, with a cafe that sells my roasted beans and kitchenware… Is that a thing? It is to me, ahhh, the stuff that dreams are made of.