Loving Lately ❤️

Loving Lately: The Doors

I have a fascination with doors. Actually doors, windows and benches. But today I’m focusing on doors. They can be ornate, simple, freshly painted, tattered… I love to think about the stories that go along with them. The people that live behind them.


As a little girl I remember seeing a door on the side of a mound covered with grass. A root cellar maybe? More likely a hobbit who wants to be left alone…

I think about a small rectangular door I saw on the top of a home. I never thought about it being a window. I only questioned how in the world does the person who lives there get in?

I like to think I’m much more practical with the stories I associate with doors now. A billionaire, an artist…

I find that I am particularly drawn to doors with flowers around. Because clearly that means someone lives there and takes care of there home.

And what about the other point of view? The doors that lead out, more than leading in?

I really could go on and on.

And I have to note that I cannot take credit for any of these photos. But if you are interested in finding more information about them you can find them on Pinterest @sadiesnest under “The Doors”.


Okay, that’s it. Goodbye. (I’m shutting the door)

My Random Thoughts on Social Media

Is Pinterest like the best thing ever? I’m such a late bloomer. I remember my aunt telling me over 3 years ago that I should be on Pinterest, and I had no idea. What did I do 6 months ago, before I could categorize all of my thoughts? How could I have truly appreciated the way I felt about a rainy day until I could display it to myself in 30 pictures? (And as ridiculous as that may sound, that is not sarcasm.) Love it!

I don’t even know where I’ve been. Literally. Everything is a blur, it’s going by so fast. Life. The kids. Thankfully modern media can remind me… where were you when you Pathed that picture? (Is that a word? Like when you tweet on twitter, do you path on Path?) Anyway, you catch my drift. Brilliant.

Does it amaze you the amount of information that scrolls through twitter? It’s overwhelming really. How much of it is actually useful? I have no idea. I might “click” on one thing a day. I must go past hundreds. Most of them I don’t even see I just press the icon that takes me to the top, and I might go down 2 or 3 images. Does everyone do that?

How annoying is Facebook? I mean at it’s best it’s wonderful. You can see family and friends, and their special moments and kids. That’s the good stuff for sure. And then there’s everyone’s opinions. I try so hard to not get political. I really do. Of course I have opinions. But I know not everybody wants to see them in some kitschy cartoon. And then I’ll see something clever, and think that’s cute/funny/fill-in-the-blank… so I’ll read another until I feel like I’ve really wasted too much time or even worse I see one of those really annoying everything against everything I believe in ones, ugh. It’s a love-hate thing.

Is everyone on Instagram? They should be. There are some amazingly talented people out there. And all you have to do is look. Here are a couple of my favorites: – totes amaze; @puremichigan – I’m partial; @helloemilie – that mysterious girl in a hat, she’s been to some beautiful places.