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Loving Lately: St. Patrick’s Day

One day a year it is perfectly acceptable to eat and drink green food and beverages; and my mother makes enough corned beef and cabbage to feed a small army. I just cherish holidays that have sentimental food attachments.

In honor of the special day, I’ve collected a few fun recipes that represent the notion.

How Sweet Eats’ Irish Ale Potato Cheddar Soup with Beer Battered Leeks


The Metal Pan’s Guinness Empinadas



My very own, Sadie’s Nest’s Shepherd’s Pie



And a little something to wash it all down… The Pioneer Woman’s Guinness Float


Happy St. Paddy’s Day! And thanks a mil for joining me, you’re grand!

*Featured Image and Irish blessing courtesy of the internet.

Loving Lately ❤️

For those of you new to my blog, welcome! I love sharing family stories, recipes and random thoughts at large. Every Thursday I try to share something I appreciate, easy “how-tos”, food and products, etc. that I think others might enjoy too.

This week’s Loving Lately: My chalkboard

I was talking to my husband about how I wished I had one of those whimsical “Merry & Bright” signs that I’ve been seeing everywhere, when it dawned on me; I could make my own. Boy, have I gotten a lot of use out of this chalkboard! I use it to list the menu for dinner gatherings, personalize a “Happy Birthday _____” sign for a member of our family, and post inspirational sayings on any given day of the week. It was just what I wanted (in a representation kind of way), but even better because it was homemade.

…And how nice is it not to have one more thing to store? Priceless;)