Loving Lately 🍂

Loving Lately: Fall

Fall loving is in full effect. I love the chill in the air. I’m crazy about the fact that we can control the temperature in our house simply by opening or closing another window. I am over the moon about the scents of fall baking that are overtaking our home. And thank you with-grace-and-guts for capturing a bit of my autumn mood for my featured image.

It’s the sweaters and blankets… (Thank you Country Living.)


And the bakeware. (Thank you Williams-Sonoma)


It’s the donuts… (Thank you Half Baked Harvest)

And the landscapes. (Thank you


It’s from the earth… (Thank you Whole Foods.)


And it’s in the air. (Thank you cinderdream.)


Cheers to Fall! (Thank you Evermine!)


Loving Lately 🌸

Loving Lately: Lingering Summers

I’m one of those parents that doesn’t want summer to end or school to start. I do love all the seasons and the holidays… I guess I just wish that life was one big vacation.


I love all of the flowers and greenery.


I love the berries and tarts!


But even though I’m trying to hold on…


I know the seasons have an inspiring way of keeping you excited for what’s coming next.


I’ll be ready, but I don’t have to think about that today. Maybe I’ll think about popsicles?


Thank you Pinterest for helping me put my thoughts into photos… I’ll be outside.



I finally felt it today.

Sure, there is still snow on the ground from our 4th round of winter.

Yes, the kids are recovering from Strep throat.

But this morning the sun shone differently.

I could hear the birds chattering with excitement.

And when I looked out my bedroom window (ready for it’s seasonal cleaning), I believed them.

Spring is almost here.

I’m ready to celebrate.



Loving Lately ❤️

Loving Lately: Christmas Lights

I love this time of year. The chill in the air actually captures the excitement. And I don’t know if it’s just me, or does every adult feel like a child when they see houses, trees and bushes trimmed in lights? I think I get more excited than my kids.

I ask my husband to slow down the car… I tap the window with my pointer finger… I swivel my head back-and-forth both sides of the road… I tell my kids to look at things as fast as I can shout them out…

They are just beautiful. Every house is so individual, white (yellow) lights, colored lights, newer blue LED lights, animated features, blown up characters, just a couple windows or every square inch, nativities… And a drive around the neighborhood is holiday entertainment that doesn’t cost more than the gas.

Could you ever get tired of light season?
Well yes, like by February Santa starts seeming tired… but not lights…for every year. It’s too special.


 *Featured and last photo courtesy of Ryan French

Christmas Caroling

Years ago my Aunt Leann and Uncle Rich started a tradition of caroling to various neighbors in our community. Part of me has always felt we should invest in long wool coats, top hats and muffs. In reality we are usually just a mismatched well-wishing group of children and adults of (let’s say) assorted levels of technical ability. Some faces of cousins and family I know well, and sometimes I meet new cheerful neighbors. It’s fantastic!



I love bringing my children along to participate in spreading Christmas joy. My uncle uses his work pick up truck (from a local family business) pulling a long flatbed trailer lined with two rows of haystacks for all of the carolers to pile on as we travel from house to house. Our stops this time included (but were not limited to) an elderly man and his wife who suffers with MS, he held the door opened wide so she could hear us from where she was at; a sweet and spry man who boasted he had just turned 93 in November and told us to keep coming back; a family relative who’s husband needed more care than she could provide and recently had moved into a nursing home; another family relative who suffered with a stroke not too long ago and was pushed to the door in her wheelchair. For the first year we didn’t stop at my Great-aunt Shirley’s house, knowing she wasn’t there. Last year the group sang for us at our house because Noah wasn’t yet a month old and not well enough to face the cold. It’s just embodies  what every season should be like, and what this time of the year gives us reason to carry out.


At every home we pass out a poinsettia and sing two selections from our song sheet followed by “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”. When we’ve sung to every house on the list we all meet back at the warehouse to refresh ourselves with a potluck style variety of dishes and treats, hot chocolate, and Aunt Leann’s delicious Chili for a Crowd accompanied by all of the toppings. It’s the perfect time to thaw out, dry off or as the case in this year’s mild weather; catch up with old and new friends while we fill our bellies with food for heart and soul.




Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!