The Chef

The time comes in every blogger’s life when they need to share… one of their sister’s recipes. At least, that is my experience. My sister, Rachel, is everything you would want in a sister, and then some. She is talented and creative and successful at everything she puts her hand to. Rachel is loyal, trustworthy, thoughtful and kind. Lucky for me, she is good at hair and make-up and accessorizing, so she is also my go to for any fashion advice… And it just so happens to be that she is a chef! Now, she will not call herself a chef, because she is not in practice as such. (She is a stay at home mom.) However, for all intents and purposes I will refer to her as a chef, because she has been trained and degreed as one. And whenever I have any culinary questions, my best friend is a chef! How amazing is that? (See what I did there?)

The moment has arrived for me to share this information, because I am about to post a recipe from “The Chef.” And henceforth, when you see a recipe from “The Chef,” you will know to whom I am referring. It’s a little Christmas in Connecticut, except I’m giving her all of the credit. Also, a slight word to the wise, when you see a recipe from “The Chef,” print it out or write it down; because, she is good at what she does.

The Chef

The Chef

(Truth be told, I do deserve a little credit, because she is all chef in the way of; “add more of this… ooh, its missing acidity… it’s what I had, so I put in some of that,” and getting her to pin down a recipe takes a small amount of effort and requires some trial and error. So, you’re welcome.)


  1. It is a wonderful life to be surrounded by loving excellent cooks, bakers and chefs. What a blessing!

  2. I too have the pleasure of knowing the chef. And everything said is the honest truth. Her delicious recipes are my favorite. Thanks for sharing Sadie!

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