Wayfair, You’ve got just what I need!

You may have noticed a subtle hint in a recent post of mine, My Blogging Space. I participated in a challenge sent out from the media department at Wayfair.com, where they asked bloggers to share their own inspirational spaces. You know, a sneak peek into where all of the magic happens. 😉 If you read my post, you understand that I really don’t have one specific space where I let all of my creativity flow. I’m a like chameleon, I have to adapt to my environment. The situation works most of the time. What is not copacetic is my entertainment center. Ahem.

Current TV Stand

Current TV Stand


Aria Entertainment Center (same as featured image) image courtesy of Wayfair.com. I love how much storage this unit has!

Our current solution is a Pier 1 purchase that happened over a decade ago. Originally it housed our radio/CD player and speakers. It was perfect in the little space of our first home. It matched our hefty entertainment center, back when TVs were big and boxy, heavy and square (at least ours still was). Shortly after we moved into our new home we decided to join in with the Millennium and purchase one of those large HD movie style television sets. (Do they still call them that?) And I’ll tell you why, because all of the sudden we noticed the words on commercials were out of the picture, and even more upsetting (to my husband) was that he would actually miss the catch of a touchdown pass.

Flattop TV Stand by Loon Peak courtesy of Wayfair.com

Flattop TV Stand by Loon Peak courtesy of Wayfair.com. They suckered me in with that dish… always need room to store more dishes.

So there we were, forced to purchase a TV set conducive to the rules of new world media. In turn, our “entertainment center” was instantly obsolete. The new TV just wouldn’t fit! So, that fine piece of furniture became a storage piece for my large dinner platters and such. (Really not a disappointment, because they needed a place to go anyway.) And our little shelving unit for our radio became a stand upon which to set our new HDTV. For the record, I’d like to add that our old TV that I kept from college still works, and we’ve gone through 2 of those HDTV sets in less than 5 years. Just sayin’.

Old TV cabinet (repurposed as a dish cabinet, and possibly to be recycled into a wardrobe cabinet for my husband).



Brackenridge TV Stand by Alcott Hill courtesy of Wayfair.com. It’s basic and simple… it could do the job.

This is what I like about our unit, it shuts. I don’t want to look at all of those movie and video game boxes. We have cable TV, Apple TV, Netflix, and VidAngel via Amazon Fire TV. Yet we still manage to have 10,000 boxes. (Ok, I’m exaggerating. But that’s what it feels like.) I like to entertain, so shutting the door to the chaos and mess is key. I have four kids. Even if I organized those darn boxes on a biweekly basis, they are a disaster within minutes. Oh, a day in the life! As if seeing an orderly stack is an invitation to throw them on the floor. Next I yell, “Put them back!” Then they are thrown inside every which-way, followed by the door slamming shut and an avalanche left waiting to happen.

Saffron Apothecary TV Stand by Wildon Home courtesy of Wayfair.com. I like that this piece has character, I’m drawn to pieces that have something to say.

It is the slamming of the door, repeatedly, that has left it completely off of it’s hinges. Purely cosmetic. Beyond repair. Already been screwed back on several times. It’s just time for an upgrade. So, I got this idea: I’ll appeal to the the Wayfair powers that be! This could get interesting… I have found a few units of interest on Wayfair.com. Clearly I am drawn to the natural wood look, and units that have closing doors. I’d really be happy with any of them. Although, there is one I ❤️ more than the rest.

Aria Entertainment Center courtesy of Wayfair.com

Aria Entertainment Center courtesy of Wayfair.com. I love everything about this. It has style, it makes everything disappear. It’s perfect… It’s also the most expensive, naturally.


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  1. I’m not familiar with wayfair-I’ll have to check out their site now:) I don’t think you can go wrong with any of those stands, and I also think your old one looks lovely in your dining room 😀

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