My Nest

My husband, Owen, of almost 14 years, is my biggest supporter. It doesn’t matter what latest endeavor I have conjured up, he is supportive. If I want to sell handbags, go back to school or raise chickens, he supports me 100%. I could probably tell him I wanted to be an astronaut, which probably wouldn’t surprise him because I can be so random, and he would try to come up a with a way to make it happen. This picture of him is perfect. For one he loves coffee, for another he is almost always holding, wrestling or playing with our kids.


I have four (admittedly I am partial,) adorable, creative, and completely individual children. Noah is the baby (pictured above). He is completely engaging, and communicative. Sadly he’s had a rough start. He has a severe case of an allergy-induced eczema. It makes it nearly impossible to put him down or leave unattended for any length of time. However, no matter how miserable and itchy he seems, he tries to smile. Isaiah, my eldest is 9 years old and highly imaginative. He likes all things super hero. He is pensive and very in tune to his feelings. He is cautious toward new things and protective over his siblings. He has a million Legos and probably needs to clean his room. Naomi, is four, the only girl and very smart. She loves sparkles, dresses, princesses and performing. She is not intimidated to hang with her rough and tumbling brothers. She is extremely independent. If she can think of it, she’ll figure out a way to do it. Elijah is the third born, two years old and bigger than his older sister. He is polite and considerate. He always (well almost always) says thank you. He is the first one to ask if you are okay after you trip or cough. He is really funny; you can tell he has a natural ability and desire to make people laugh.


I love this picture. It was taken on a Saturday morning, when we were enjoying having nothing to do but watch cartoons. The living room was a mess and they were still in their PJ’s. It captures a glimpse of all of their personalities.

I have been blessed with a great life and wonderful family. It’s not that everything is perfect all of the time; but the truth is, life is a lot of perspective and attitude. And I am truly blessed.


  1. Oh yeah, this is the post I’ve been waiting for…your wonderful family:) You are indeed blessed; all your children are beautiful and are so sweet! And they are truly blessed to have you and Owen for parents!
    -Annie 🙂

  2. I second that AnnMarie! Sarah your kids are so sweet. And each one truly has a different personality! They are a joy be around and they love God! Even better! 😉 love the blog! Keep it coming. All of your pictures are beautiful by the way.

  3. Nailed it even though you are highly prejudiced Sarah. Wisdom is proven of her children. I can so clearly see you and Owen in your children (my grandchildren) that it’s scary. Love you all. Dad

  4. P.S.: I meant this in the best way. LOL… In rereading it could sound not nice. I meant that the kids are very loving and strongly individual.

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