What’s Up: Summer’s End, School’s In & Photo Fixes

Summer vacation has finally come to an end. We spent our Labor Day weekend at Lake Michigan. Naturally we spent Labor Day itself getting the boys haircuts, buying last minute lunch boxes and finding new school shoes.

By the way, this is what little siblings, not going to school and still in their pajamas, do on the sidelines while camera crazy mom snaps 1 billion photos of the school kids waiting for the bus… (Do however notice the haircut and new shoes, not to be completely left out of all of the fun.)



In blogging news I finally started to redo some old pictures- it’s part of my revamping plan. For example, my very first recipe was Jambalaya (sans Seafood). It’s one of our favorite family recipes and we probably eat it once a week. I didn’t even have a picture when I first posted it; then I found one on the internet; next I replaced it withΒ my very own picture (much like the one I found on the internet); this week I took a couple different shots to try and replace my original.

The original:


The almost replacement:


The final replacement:


I have no rhyme or reason for why I choose my photos. I usually try to poll my kids- if I can get their attention. I don’t have fancy lighting… or a studio… sigh.

In other exciting news (I understand that is relative, but I’m excited), I have been passed some new recipes that I will be sharing soon. My new “How to use my camera for Dummies” book has been delivered and I intend to practice my photography. I am looking forward to the blogging future! (As soon as IΒ have a minute to write cook think.)

Featured image courtesy of my brother-in-law, Ryan French.




  1. Awww, the pictures of the little ones are so precious! Happy first day of school! I am in the same boat- I have a DSLR camera but have no idea the first step to using it. I am going to look up that book now, let us know if it is helpful! The jambalaya looks incredibly tasty even if it’s not a professional photo!

  2. Happy first day of school to the little ones! They are simply adorable! By the way Sadie the photos of the Jambalaya came out really good and also, you don’t need any fancy lighting to take great photos πŸ™‚

      1. Sadie, my photos are taken during the day with natural light streaming in. Some of my nicer photos, believe or not were taken on a rainy day by my dining room window and of course lots and lots of practice. All the best to you …xxx

  3. Lovin’ the pictures, friend! First days of schools are always so exciting! And your photos are already wonderful so I can’t wait to see what the new ones look like!

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