Sometimes I wake up with such big aspirations… which could also be referred to as small attainable goals. I get my game plan together: “Today I need to give the middle kids a bath.” (Side note: The eldest and youngest got theirs last night. I’m not one of those “crazy” people who think you need to bathe every day… And I’m just kidding about thinking people who shower every day are crazy. Many members of my family are everyday people. More power to you. I’m just more of an every other day type of person.) Ok, let’s get back on track. So on the day’s list is “Give the middle kids a bath; Enroll Isaiah in flag football, sign Naomi up for gymnastics, and call about soccer for Elijah; remind my husband about scheduling the windshield replacement; email the guy about the travel trailer; catch up on laundry (my nemesis); etc.

I realize this all sounds very doable. And in theory I agree. Of course, there is the regular daily stuff to do too. I wake up, change the baby, pour a cup of coffee, pack Isaiah’s lunch, start breakfast for four kids (a special menu for the baby, no dairy means no butter, pancakes (with milk), cheese, yogurt…), unload and load the dishwasher… Have I read my Bible today? Did I yesterday? I really need to get on the treadmill. Today is the day I’m going to count calories. Get the baby off of the kitchen table. Who’s calling my name. Oh, Elijah needs help in the bathroom (my newly potty-trained big boy!). Shoot, where’s the baby. “Mom! Noah is on the stairs!” Ok, run to get the baby before he gets into Isaiah’s lego-land. Ugh, did he poop? Change the baby’s diaper (2 down, umpteen to go). Oh no, I need to roll the sausage over. The toast is probably cold- Isaiah won’t eat butter if he can see it. Ok, gather everyone to the table. Elijah got his own water from the fridge… get a towel before everyone soaks their socks. Is that lip gloss on the kitchen cabinet? “Naomi, did you put on lip gloss?” Check her face. Affirmative. “Did you leave a lip print on the cabinet?” Add to list Magic Eraser the cabinet. What’s in the baby’s mouth. Oh my gosh, Owen left his socks on the floor. “No, Noah don’t put that in your mouth!” Ok, time to eat. (I will spare you all of the details. It’s mostly just constant reminders for the children to actually put the food in their mouth, and for the baby to sit down; because he is a master of high chair escape.) There is at least 1 spill, probably more. What time is it? Isaiah go brush your teeth, your bus will be here in 10 minutes. Start the clean up. Make sure Isaiah’s lunch, snack and water bottle are in his bag. “Mom! Noah is on the table again!” Save Noah. Watch Isaiah get on the bus. Elijah asks for a snack. I reply we just had breakfast.

Wow, what was I supposed to do today? Because it’s not even 8:30 am, and I could really use a nap.


  1. Haha, I love this Sadie! I have been there and it is hard to find the time to do everything. Giving little ones a bath can take time and can exhaust you. Love this post!

  2. You’re amazing! First of all…You COOK breakfast?! Cereal, pop tarts, that’s where it’s at! Lol Second, when you texted Monday morning and already had Elijah signed up for soccer, I thought “I need to be more like Sarah, she’s got it all together.” You’re inspiring me…it’s too late to go back and cook breakfast, but I am calling to get Isaac signed up for soccer today😉 Thanks for the inspiration, I don’t know how you do it!!

      1. Uggh, don’t get me started on laundry….it’s not like it’s ever really “done” anyway lol

  3. Wow – a very busy morning and now for the rest of the day. Sadie, I did have to laugh a little bit, I remember having 3 little ones under 6 – what memories! 🙂

  4. Lol … your post made me smile because I can relate to so much of it! Add in seven chickens who try to sneak into the neighbor’s yard, bunnies who try to dig tunnels out of the yard and a door-to-door salesman ringing the door while I’m chasing chickens, rabbits and calling the girls for help. Lol. 😉 Meanwhile the salesman smiles politely, starts backing up and says, “You probably aren’t needing a new roof.” 😀

      1. Yes, exactly! Hahaha! Hey, while you’re headed over to the neighbors, would you mind herding the hens back over to our yard? You don’t happen to have any carrots in your lunchbox, do you? You know, to bring the bunnies back? 😉

  5. Wow! You’re doing a great job as a mom. Yes, it does get wild and crazy, but it is all worth it when we look at those little faces so full of love and wonder…or like over here, when I look at my almost grown teen, even when he was being a bit of a pickle this morning, and when my 10 year old decided to “follow suit” in his big brother’s attitude… This too shall pass, and then, we will be thankful things aren’t so frantic or tiring, but I believe, we will also miss those little pitter pattering feet and those “almost grown” demands for independence. <3 😉

      1. It sure does make me want to some days…we only have about 4 more years with our oldest, as he plans to go away for college. I know they must fly, but sometimes, I wish I could go with them! 😉

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