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So Long, For Now

When I started this journey I was desperate for an outlet. I was (and am) a stay-at-home mother of four children. I love my job, but I was longing for a distraction. My youngest son was very ill (and I honestly got more gray hair since the time of his birth than I can count). Was I on the brink? Maybe. I just deeply needed and wanted a connection outside of the home. I found a new purpose in a sense of professionalism. It’s strange because I am actually a very private person (which interestingly I have found many bloggers to be). I created this pretend job, where I could get up and write; and take photographs; meet (self-imposed) deadlines; and share what was going on in my life. It opened conversations.

I wanted to tell people about our experiences with my son, our no-end-in-sight visits to the doctors. I thought if I could share his experience and what we were learning, that it might help someone else. Not all doctors (not even the best) have the answers. Sometimes they are just making their best “educated” guesses. I wanted to encourage other mothers to follow their gut instincts, sometimes we know.

I wanted to bring awareness to my passion of eating organic. There are big industries using the American people like lab rats with their food experiments. Our environments are being filled with toxic chemicals (that go right into our ground, food and water), while we just sit passively (often unknowingly) watching it all happen. Not so coincidentally, we have more diseases and sicknesses than ever. Healthcare is also a big industry. I believe strongly that so much of this is reversible. If we stopped ingesting crazy “Genetically Engineered Ingredients” or “Genetically Modified Organisms (GEI’s and GMO’s), and ate real, healthy and whole foods- our bodies could, in some cases, heal themselves. Likewise, if we make conscious decisions to know what we’re buying to feed our families, if we choose to avoid harmful food experiments, if we make a demand for organic (not tampered with) fruits, meats, vegetables- or even grow our own, our environment and earth can reverse the damages.

I wanted to share family recipes. Clearly, I like food, but it goes beyond that. It connects all of us, and it did for me. Recipes quickly became my favorite way to relate with others. I made friends around the world. Growing food, preparing food, sharing food: It’s a universal language. I’m not a chef… but I know the meaning of breaking bread with loved ones. Thank you to the friends and family members who shared recipes with me, that in turn I could pass on. It’s meaningful. And I don’t only appreciate the fact that food connects us at our own table, as well as globally; I love that it transcends time. Family meals connect us to past generations, to ancestors and traditions in the form of celebrations, holidays, and in our daily routines that we have been sharing… well, since the beginning of man.

It has come full circle. My son is healthier now, and believe it or not, it has mostly to do with his diet. Who knew that nursing him (the most natural thing to do) was weakening his already low immune system? The solution didn’t come from a doctor, rather a suggestion of an acquaintance in our relentless search to find answers. Goat’s milk. After harsh treatments of topical and oral medicines, ridiculous amounts of blood draws and testings; we found a doctor who said it was something I was eating. Since knowing the “trigger” was time consuming to say the least, we switched to a dairy free, soy free, etc. baby formula. Cutting out mother’s milk finally helped him grow skin. However, it was switching to goat’s milk (instead of chemical ridden hypoallergenic formula) that finally made him pass a soft stool. It might seem small, but after watching your baby suffer with mucous filled diarrhea since birth; it was a triumph.

I’m thankful for modern medicine. In fact, I carry an Epipen at all times, because a single cashew could stop my son from breathing. But I’m not oblivious to the fact that we have ancient medicines too. Foods high in antioxidants are proven to combat cancer cells. Things like turmeric and blueberries are being linked to fighting Alzheimer’s Disease. (Both of these diseases hit close to home.) You know that old saying, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”? I read recently that the enzymes your stomach produces to digest an apple, are enough to completely defeat some of these “new and deadly” flus. At the other end of the spectrum, I’ve read that they are linking an ingredient found in sleeping aids to dementia. Sadly, that ingredient is also found in Benadryl; the same Benadryl that my son has taken regularly almost since birth. So, when I read about the extremely nutritious properties and benefits of wild edibles like “nettles” that naturally encourage your body to resist allergens, I take notice.

Therein lies my new pursuit of interest. It’s not like I’m ending the book, just the chapter… and it’s time to turn the page. I’m going to educate myself on such things as foraging and wild edibles, fermentation processes, and essential oils. I’ve always wanted to feed my family whole and organic foods, now I want to spend time researching the subject further… I’m ready to dig deeper into holistic living. I’m starting another 21 day cleanse. I’ll still be honing in on my coffee roasting skills, and dabbling in cheese making. At the same time, it’s been two years of talking about my dreams, it’s time to follow them. I’m thinking of it as a sabbatical of sorts. (Now to persuade my husband to buy that farm. 😉 )

Thank you to my supportive friends and family; my husband, parents, sister, cousins, aunts, peeps at ESC, lifelong friends of JHS, and those faithful supporters not mentioned. I am so grateful for my blogging family (in no particular order) Anna, Roberta, Terry, Fiona, Jasmine, Lynn, Antonia, KR, Shamira, van, Tikeetha, pug, Freda, Natasha, and on. You’ve supported me even when I haven’t reciprocated. Thank you. Thanks to Sean at Wayfair for the opportunities. If the situation presented itself, I couldn’t say never. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed writing, more than I ever knew I would. So who knows? Therefore, I won’t say goodbye- just so long, for now.


Loving Lately 👜💄💍

I’m not one of those “a few steps ahead” people. I’m more like “a couple years behind.” It’s okay. I’m preoccupied with a happy life. But everyone once in a while, when I catch a late whim of something, I’ll think “I should check that out.” What’s better is when I love it- then I want to shout it out, like this is awesome! (…Pinterest, …kombucha, …things I don’t know about.) And everyone’s like “yeah, we know.” And I’m all like, “your long-time knowing will not curb my enthusiasm!” Such is the case with #fabfitfun. And I just want to encourage you that it is never too late to try something fun and new (to you 😉 ).

A couple weeks ago, I signed up to receive fabfitfun boxes. I’ve been trying to watch what I eat (gasp) and I wanted to reward myself- and not with food. Also, admittedly, being a stay-at-home mom for me at times, I feel like a drab disconnected hermit… and I thought this might be a fun and exciting way to keep in touch with what’s trending and current. (I’m already in constant pursuit of appreciating what’s old.) Anyway, I got my first box… and it feels like Christmas and my birthday all rolled into one. It’s possible that I squealed.

The first thing I noticed was the Mod Cloth. It was love at first sight. It’s a blanket scarf… probably my new favorite thing. The first item I took out of the box was the 18K gold plated necklace by Jook and Nona that says “Dream,” that’s what I’m best at! I put in on right away. The first little box I read was skin hydrating booster from #dermalogica. How did they know I have dry skin? (I may have mentioned I have combination skin when filling out their form… but I didn’t say ridiculously dry and need this immensely!) I gave my face a quick wipe and applied. I’m glowing. Best day ever! Next I took out the primed lip gloss stain by Manna. It’s a shade called “lucky”. I’m feeling it. Then I took out the Zoya nail polish box. That’s a brand I’m familiar with. I love that their product has no formaldehyde or several other toxic chemicals. Yay! I also received Marrakesh Oil, an Argan and hemp oil therapy hair styling elixir; Colored pencils and coloring book (I am not too old to color.); Mineral Face Peel by O.R.G., a gentle exfoliant face spray; and a “good morning gorgeous” travel mug. I’ll just say it, I saw that travel mug online and was hoping I would get one. I’m so excited!

The program is seasonal, they send four (winter, spring, summer and fall) boxes a year, full of surprise products that they select for you based on your preferences. The cost is $49.99 per box, but the value is approx $200+ worth of full size goods. They are always running specials such as $10 off of your first box and you can cancel your subscription at any time. Also you can opt to pay for 1 full year up front for only $179.99, an instant $20 in savings.) And if you like the products, they offer discounted “add-ons” to members available for purchase. For more information visit!

Decor Dilemma… I Need Your Help!

My latest obsession is Wayfair. Truly, I don’t think there is any item that I have done a search for on their site that I haven’t found in one fashion or another. Amazing! Even better- a few weeks ago I received a $100 Wayfair gift card from a friend. (Cheer of jubilation!) Since then my mind has been reeling about making the right purchase. I’m not in a place in my life where I want to acquire things I don’t need or won’t use. (Which is not to say I don’t have an extensive wish list.) I just want the things I purchase to serve a purpose and have a function (even if that function is in the form of art that is pleasant to look at). There are just so many choices… So I’ve decided to include my readers in the decision making process! I’m going to show you my top faves and ask you tell me your favorite in the comments. Whichever item gets the most love is the one I’m going to buy!

Firstly, if I want to be completely practical, my daughter could use a new dresser. The one we have was passed on to us from an uncle. I appreciate the notion of re-using items and giving them more life. It was an ugly pressed-board set that we painted white and gave new hardware. It has done it’s job, but no longer works very well. The drawers never stay on track, they fall on the drawer below making about all of them darn near impossible to open. You know how it goes. This Beachcrest Home Dresser was made in the USA (an optional search setting on and is already painted white! Yay!

Next, I really like this stand up mirror. Isn’t it so pretty? I think it would be perfect on the wall in my bedroom! Look at the detail! And I have to tell you that it is called the Sadie Mirror. Sadie Mirror! I mean, come on. It’s meant to be.

I’ve been wanting to replace the art that hangs behind my living room sofa for a long time. My mom and dad bought us a very nice print for our first apartment. It was exactly what I wanted; whimsy, cheerful, colorful… and I’m just tired of it. My tastes have changed. I think this “Blue Nest” print would update my space and compliment my curtains nicely. It evokes the farmhouse feel that I love while keeping the colors and textures simplified. I just think it’s beautiful. (Side note: The name Sadie’s Nest, was more of an epithet to capture my home, but I am surprised how many birds, poultry, fowl, and the related items I literally have around my house. The endearment is real.)


The aforementioned fondness of bird decor is also why this “Usual Suspects Birds on a Wire” print is in the running for the same spot. How cute are those birds on a wire! Is it me? My mom has had this great, retro, pewter birds on a wire necklace that I love. My sister has it… it’s a sore spot. (Not really.) Needless to say, my affection runs deep, and I think this too would look great hanging above the sofa.


Wayfair has so much more than just furniture and home decor. I could go bananas in the kitchen department. Their selection of tableware, small appliances, cookware, gadgets, linens, etc. is huge! However, due to my already full storage I have to be selective. Which is why I’ve narrowed my search down to oven-safe soup bowls. For years I have wanted to place my individual servings of French Onion Soup under the broiler to melt and slightly brown my Gruyère… to no avail. So, it’s only right that they be included in the possibilities! But here’s the other thing, I can’t decide on which style… so if this is your pick, I am also leaving that up to you! (Be specific please.) The selections are: Graupera Pottery Artisans bowls made in Spain, the white Le Creuset, or the clear glass Luminarc bowls made in the USA.

Last, but not least, is the option of this bench from the Wayfair French Country Bedroom collection. I’ve wanted to replace the treadmill with a dainty bench under the window from the moment we set it up. (I’d probably use it a lot more too.) I think this Mayotte Two Seat Bench would really transform the whole space. La vie en rose.

I could go on… but I don’t want to overwhelm you with choices. Do you see my dilemma? And don’t even get me started on TV stands! Maybe one day I’ll do this again with only entertainment centers? (That’s a good idea!) Until then, I would truly be happy, over-the-top elated with any of these! I can’t wait to hear what you think and I am looking forward to putting my gift card toward good use on the winner!

Feature image courtesy of Wayfair French Country Bedroom collection.

Comments are closed and the decision has been made! Thank you everyone who took the time to comment below and on Facebook! It was a close vote, only winning by one… but the results are in… and I ordered the dresser! Thanks again to everyone who commented. 🙂

Loving Lately

So Spring is not exactly “in the air.” In fact, currently the temperature is below freezing. But it’s that time in the upper midwest when we are ready longing for Spring. And because Michigan has drastically fluctuating weather, I am aware that beyond this nearly 60° forecasted weekend, there is probably still a snowfall on the horizon. Actually being the true Michigander that I am, I’m okay with it all. But I am still loving the idea of Spring… the gradual bursts of opened windows… the flower buds… the recipes…

I am really excited about making the spring line-up from Farmhouse Rules by Nancy Fuller: Spring Fling Fiddlehead Soup, Tavern Ham, Roasted Asparagus, Buttery Braised Radishes… Fiddleheads and radishes! How spring am I! I am looking forward to the fresh garden offerings, and more time outdoors. It’s menus like this, little peeks of sunshine, and days with longer stretches of light that fuel my fire this time of year.

It’s a time of transition. And it’s not very beautiful. The trees are still bare, the snow has left behind brown patches of mud… But it’s hopeful. It has the promise that good things are on their way. (Photo courtesy of I’m eager for the good things that lie ahead. I think we all get that way after a long cold winter. It’s the homestretch, our rite of passage. I can almost taste it… and I want to taste it!

Here’s a random goal: I want to eat nettles. (Photo of baby nettles courtesy of forageporage.) Apparently, they only grow in the Spring. Eiven and Eve Kilcher, from Alaska: The Last Frontier, make them sound like the most necessary and nutritious things I’ve never tried. In their cookbook, Homestead Kitchen, they include them in several recipes from tea, to Nettle Bread, and even Nettle Burgers! …Now, how do I get nettles?

The first day of Spring this year is March 2o. Yes, (small cry) still over a month away. We are smack dab in the middle of “The Thaw” phase (photo courtesy of Flickr). But thinking about Spring helps me get through the cold and gray. And enduring these last cold murky days makes the appreciation of what’s in store all the better.

Thank you for my featured image and inspirational spring quote!

(And even more so, thank you to my readers who put up with my ramblings! Xoxo)

Loving Lately ☀️

I read somewhere recently that Michigan had a record setting number of days in a row without sunshine. I’m not against a moody day to cozy up every now and then… and then it’s like -whoa, one day too many. And you realize that it’s not just the weather that’s stinkin’ gloomy. (Maybe you’ve read too many of those political Facebook posts?) Anyway, it sure makes one appreciate when the sun comes out.

Isn’t that laughter? How about sunshine AND laughter? Yes please! Image from

Today is one of those days, even a little blue sky to boot… so I’m going to keep this short and soak up some rays, albeit through the heated side of my window pane.

Shine on! 🌞

Featured image courtesy of (and available for purchase from) Lily & Val.

Loving Lately 🛏

This week I am seriously loving my new B&B. It’s perfect; charming, cozy and inviting. The warm seasonal fruit muffins are fresh from the oven and ready to serve. Owen is stoking the fire in the idyllically welcoming front lobby… It’s all in my head of course; my new dream.

It’s a natural transition really. If you’ve followed me for any length of time you know that I’ve long yearned for a café and small farm. Except, I don’t think I do anymore; one of those “unanswered prayers” type of things. In reality, I’m much more of a homebody. A café is a real commitment! Maybe, just maybe, something like this coffee station from In Your Back Pocket is more my pace?

I’ve really got this desire that won’t go away… So I’ve been scouring the internet for articles on starting a Bed and Breakfast, a dog with a bone I am. And I came along a great piece from (also responsible for my lovely featured image) that includes some great start up ideas. Oh, and I am deep into fantasy land. Look at how cute these welcoming baskets are from!

Some people pay so much attention to the details! These signs from The House of Smiths Designs are over-the-top.

I know you’re thinking, “Sadie, you hate to do laundry!” That’s true. But in my defense, towels and sheets are the first things I tackle on laundry day. (They’re the easiest to put away!) And I’m in dream mode right now… So let’s just focus on fun things like all of the sunshine pouring into this dining room found at

And these ridiculously cute Mini Dutch Babies with Lemon Curd and Blueberries from Nerds with Knives.

Can you imagine how great it would be to serve those at my B&B? I would be beaming! …And I could stock a little community refrigerator for my guests to help themselves… it might look something like this from Live Simply by Annie:

Honestly, I think my chickens would just add to the charm. And obviously the eggs would be useful… this photo by Dreams Gather Here explains it all.

A delicious breakfast is a given… but equally important is the comfort of my guests. For the “bed” part of “bed and breakfast”, has some really good ideas. I mean, I’d want to sleep here:

And who wouldn’t want to relax and enjoy a good soak in this tub captured by ollebosse?

Food for thought: Perhaps “Sadie’s Nest” is not just the name of my blog?

Please excuse me while I think about that all day.

All of this Life

My daughter’s birthday was over the weekend, sandwiched in between two separate family funerals (and a soccer lesson). It’s one of those delicate parenting moments. Of course you want your children to feel they are safe and secure while acknowledging the reality of loss… You still want your child to feel special on their birthday. So as life goes on, you are pressing dress shirts for your sons to wear to a showing, and explaining to your 4 year old how we are related to those who have passed. You need to make sure your daughter has her 22 snacks to bring on her appointed day to her kindergarten class. It’s important that your 5th grader still gets his homework done. And when you realize on one of the evenings you are too exhausted to stay up with him, you have to make sure you write the teacher a note explaining you’ve been to a funeral and ask for another day to make it up. (Then, if you’re like me, you judge yourself for not planning your timing better.) I am in remembrance that it was about this time last year that I lost one of my best friends, Barbara. I miss her. And sometimes all of this life feels like it’s coming and going so fast.

You try to keep it in perspective, right? It’s a balancing act. I have so much to be thankful for: My children are healthy. My two year old is having the longest period ever of clear skin on his face, and we haven’t been to ER in over a month. We made it through the last asthmatic attack right at home! We are warm, even though it is snowing outside… because I managed to locate two AA batteries to put in our digital thermostat that stopped working. We have food on our table… Which reminds me someone still needs to pick up the birthday cake…

What would I do without my support group?

My husband? Who takes the day off of work to attend my great-aunt’s funeral with me. And exits with my 2 year old when he claimed to have pooped during the service. Diapers still need to be changed.

My parents? …Who offer to pick up the cake and bring it to the party. Who say, “Do you and the kids have something to wear to the funeral? Do you need us to come watch the kids so you can go shopping?” I still have to get dressed.

And I realize that I have loved ones who just lost a mother, an aunt, a sister, a grandmother… It’s a time of reflection, grief, appreciation… But you can’t just stop. There are still wishes to be made.

Through all of the uncertainty that’s going on in our country, in the media, in our families, in our homes… You realize the significance of family and the strength in love. And sharing that love.

Hugs help.

At times, I know we all feel like we are in a wind tunnel… a storm with things coming at us from every direction. Sometimes, it’s really hard to navigate. My advice? To myself? Remember this is temporary…

Look for the good. Be the good.


Happy Birthday Naomi! Mommy loves you!

Loving Lately 📕

OMGoodness!!! What am I loving lately? It’s a no-brainer… Crumb A Baking Book by Ruby Tandoh.

We all know that I am a cookbook fanatic. I can walk through any department store, past the shoe department, through the make-up and perfume, past woman’s clothing and accessories, and leave empty handed. I can visit any home goods store and ogle the decor, romanticize about placing the holiday decorations and get really tempted by the serving ware. Yet, I have reasoning enough to remind myself that I am out of storage space (ugh, that dreaded voice of reason). So, I can resist. But alas, when I see a discounted cookbook misplaced on any given random shelf… well obviously it’s a sign.

I’m not like a cutting edge, latest and greatest, New York Times best seller cookbook buyer. (Can you imagine the pressure?) Perspective: I’m just cooking for my family.

But I have so much to know!

For example, it was from Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Julia Child where I learned that you don’t just want the butter to melt to sauté, you want it to separate and froth before adding the diced onions, celery and carrots (or what have you). I had known for years that the esteemed classic French cooking techniques were actually founded on the capability of “peasants” to extract the most flavor from any food to which they might be privy (i.e. onion soup and quiche- a.k.a egg pie). Those are a couple of my favorite foods, btw. But it wasn’t until after making a few recipes out of the book, Tyler’s Ultimate by Tyler Florence, that it actually dawned on me -“light bulb,” how really good these simple ingredients taste by following a few steps.

So, I’m a few pages into Crumb and there are like 3 paragraphs dedicated to “Brown Butter”… and I’ve made brown butter before (sometimes accidentally)… and she clues me in to the idea that heating the butter this far reduces its water content by 20% of its original weight, so you should reintroduce a splash of milk… and maybe I’ve read this before, but if so I obviously didn’t remember (clearly I wasn’t ready). Then Ruby, if I may call her that, goes on to explain with her following recipe of “Honey Madeleines” (those traditional shell shaped French cookies with a honey spin), that it is indeed the brown butter that compliments the honey… and to chill the pan to give the characteristic crispy edges… and I am like, “Eureka! I have needed this book all of my life!”

Don’t even get me started on the “Caraway Carrot Cake With Poppy Seeds” which I am chomping at the bit to make. Because by page 48 she has already earned my trust and I am confident that this must be an amazing flavor combination… I ❤️ Crumb! Oh, I should mention fantastic photographs of food… which I also love.

This is me.

And here’s a little shout out to my husband who supports my quirky.


Loving Lately 🤔

Loving Lately, huh?

Um… Er… Can someone love procrastination?

Or is it that they are just really good at it?

Anyway, I am excelling at it right now. I started the year enthusiastic to try so many new recipes… I have a long list of recommendations from my readers and fellow bloggers. I really do love this stuff. And you know I get carried away with Pinterest. Take for example these Valentine cupcakes from The Silly Girl’s Kitchen

On an any given creativity-filled day, I might give them a try. They’re adorable! But in times like this, I talk myself right out of it. It’s easy. Listen: “You are not Martha Stewart. You know that red heart in the center would just be a ruby blob.” Done.

I did manage to get out a few Valentine’s Day decorations. Same thing.

It’s not Christmas, right? Between reconfiguring the kids’ rooms and dealing with the stomach bug that attacked three out of four of my kids (on three staggering throw-up filled nights -sorry if it’s TMI), I’m just happy to get dinner on the table at all. So be it from a jar… or via carry-out.

But then I see these Toasted Ravioli Nachos from Foxes Love Lemons…

I think, really? Because I’ve done the Fried Ravioli thing and it’s delicious, but it takes a wee bit of time all on its own. And I am in full procrastination mode right now, so tell me it’s going to be worth that extra step.

No, please in all seriousness, tell me it’s worth it. Because it sounds amazing and I want to love it.

Wikipedia says that “procrastination is the avoidance of doing a task that needs to be accomplished.” If I think about it, trying new recipes isn’t exactly “a task that needs to be done.” It’s more of a “want”. If I’m going to be honest with myself, I’m really most likely putting off the laundry. It’s all a facade. And to answer my own question: Yes. I think I do love procrastination.

It’s a love/hate thing.

At The Nest

There’s nothing like the joy of a toy-filled Christmas… to make me reassess our home organization- specifically the kids bedrooms. Oh, the inspirational clutter of packaging, Lego pieces and Barbie clothes. Although to be fair, I’ve been contemplating a plan to take down the nursery for a while. We are fortunate to live in a home that provides 5 bedrooms upstairs, which gives each of our kids their own room. Except, one of the rooms is significantly smaller than the others. When my grandparents built this home, they had six children in mind. Their oldest son was given the smallest room, but the trade off was that he didn’t have to share. The only daughter in the family was given her own room, and the other two bedrooms were shared by two boys each. When we first bought this home, my desire was to turn that smaller room into an upstairs laundry area (dreamy sigh). However, when baby number four arrived, it was the perfect solution for the nursery. Now that he had outgrown the crib, it was time for another transformation. Originally I thought of one of those cute raised beds, which offers more floor space or a little area for a desk. Then in a stroke of brilliance (possibly overstated) it came to me… the youngest two boys could share a room and I could turn the smaller room into their own personal play area!

It worked out well considering my youngest son received a wooden train table for Christmas, that wouldn’t have conveniently fit in his room with a twin sized bed. (And I really didn’t want it in my living room). I must admit, that my motives might have also been a little selfish- in that I was hopeful the two boys might be more apt to sleep through the night in their own room if they weren’t alone. I think that’s actually why my second-youngest son was so keen on the suggestion. Well that, and the promise of a play room.

I wanted their playroom to reflect their bedroom somewhat, so I kept the blue and white theme with the curtains and toy box. The boys’ bedroom was easy to complete, we just had to steal their sister’s bed frame; which originally was part of a bunk bed set that she split with her brother. As luck would have it, Pottery Barn Kids still carried the striped quilt to match the other. (Well actually to make it a perfect match I need to wash it a couple more times.)

Thankfully, I still had my old bed frame in the basement. And I finally made my first Wayfair purchase! I ordered a made in the USA pillow top mattress, shipped to my front door for free! (Which sure beats trying to slide one over the top of my kids heads in the minivan. Hurray!)

I think the best part of this whole undertaking was the car load of items we were able to drop off at Goodwill, and the broken toys, odds, and ends we kicked to the curb. Sayonara!

(And if you’re wondering, the “Sadie’s Nest” pillows were a thoughtful Christmas gift to me from my parents created at