Diet Life

My diet life could be compared to Oprah’s, except not as public. It’s more of a let go, then reel it in approach rather than a lifestyle- which kind of is a lifestyle. It’s all about perspective.

But I’m working on it, because I want to be overall healthier. So my friends and I have started a Diet Club. Ironically, the club consists of the same members as the Dinner Club. (Which reminds me I need to set a date for our long overdo Israeli cuisine night.) Basically, we have all set individual goals. They vary in range from counting calories to training for a marathon to cutting processed foods to learning to dance the waltz, etc. We communicate through a group text and encourage each other to keep it up.


In the mean time, I couldn’t show you a picture of my breakfast banana. I am sure to start getting creative, you know, and swap all of the oil in my quick breads for applesauce; replace the cream in my sauces withΒ skim milk (Eeek)… But for now I will share a few photos from this weekend.

I actually made a commitment to one of my dearest blogging friends, Lynn ofΒ Lynz Real Cooking, to take pictures of some barns (which I treasure and romanticize about the stories they hold… dilapidated just gives character).Β And thankfully I have more time to do it… Because I got only one in this trip.


But I did find inspiration else where…


I also told Lynn that I would challenge Owen to come up with a sandwich. Until then, I will share an Owen hot dog (not on the diet).


It is so nice that the weather here is getting milder and easier for strolls. Did I mention I tried a youtube Zumba class? Hilarious. Like Steve Martin finding his rhythm in The Jerk. But it’s something I can rope my kids into doing with me right in the living room. So yes! And I am actually very excited about getting a little more healthy… And maybe I can spread my enthusiasm; encourage a few people to make a good choice or two. Because little choices add up. (See, that’s like something I could text to the group.)

I love the little sign -signifying the foot path…


Just a little reminder to stay on course.




  1. It’s a never ending battle in my humble opinion isn’t it? πŸ™‚ Desserts are my weakness I’m afraid, so I make these little energy balls (not so much for the energy), but for the goodness in them which satisfies my sweet tooth. Apricots, dates, crushed almonds, cocoa etc, roll them into wee truffles and there you have it. I think it is a great idea to do it with a group as you encourage one another. Have you ever heard of the app Fitness Pal? You jot down everything you eat and the exercise you’ve done for the day and it calculates the number of calories for that day, you set goals etc. It’s brilliant. Good luck with your program πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks so much Loretta πŸ™‚ Those energy balls sound delicious! A nice way to satisfy a craving. Yes! I am using Fitness Pal! It’s fantastic, isn’t it? A great recommendation! Thanks again for the support! 😊

  2. Great post Sadie, and all the best. You can do it. It is always so much easier to do with others. I seem to have had a slack week with regards to exercise, so reading your post right now could not have happened at a better time. Thanks for the inspiration, I am going to hit that treadmill right now ! πŸ™‚

  3. Great pictures Sadie! The ones of the kids are really cute:) You got the timing perfect on the swing-nice job!

  4. That is so awesome that you have set your goals with a group of friends. I had joined a Zumba class but now I follow a couple of youtube Zumba videos just like you! They are soo much fun. Which tutorials do you follow Sadie? I would love to check them out.

  5. GALS… Great acronym! That’s awesome. Great pictures and even a better day. We should do it again sometime. And regarding a sandwich… My Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Chicken cheddar cheese on day old Jimmy John’s bread is a favorite…

  6. So inspiring, Sadie! I really need to start walking more, etc.! You’ve inspired me to make a list of healthy goals. I love all of your photos!! πŸ˜€

  7. Wow wonderful pictures! Love the barn and yummy owen hot dog! It is a long term issue and your new diet club sounds awesomsle Sadie! Thanks for the cool pictures! I love the old train as well!

  8. Dieting is never easy, but having a support group makes it a little easier! Hope you guys manage to attain your dieting goals πŸ™‚ Great pictures by the way πŸ™‚

  9. Beautiful pictures, Sadie! I love the Owen challenge… he’s got some skills! The variety of goals between your friends is awesome. It’s great that you are motivating one another.m Do you have a Fitbit, it tracks your steps and calories? I get so competitive with myself that if I’m just shy of my daily goal, I’ll run in place in front of the TV before going to bed. πŸƒπŸ»

  10. I love this post! The pics, the aspiration to make healthier choices, the Zumba! My mom takes classes and I’ve got a workout on my Wii Fit – so much fun! Much like you, I try to make healthier choices. I like to think they all add up. Good luck with Diet Club and I hope you’re able to reach your goals. Having a support system puts you ahead of the game, for sure. πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you Anita! It feels good to take some ownership and implement good choices! And my team is an emphatic support. I appreciate your encouragement 😊… And I’ll have to check out the Wii Fit!

      1. Wii Fit is so much fun! The latest thing I’ve tried is “Just Dance” which has a “sweat mode”…it counts calories as you go along. But mostly it’s just fun to shake it a little in the living room, ha ha. πŸ˜‰

  11. Oh Sadie, I am so with you on this! I love all your pics too. I have been so busy haven’t even been able to catch up with my blogger friends until now (and late at night to boot) but I signed up a couple of days ago for a Pure Barre beginner class. I had no idea what Pure Barre was before until another blogger mentioned it so I googled it and signed up. I’m intrigued! I was surprised it was offered in my small town in the middle of Central Oregon. Anyhoot, keep on keepin’ on, right?! πŸ™‚

  12. I viewed this post on my phone and didn’t get to see it as well as I would like! What a lovely post Sade! I really like the diet club- that is what I need right about now!! you are right the little choices are important and do add up! Love the photos and thanks again for the cool barn, train and Owen’s entry into our little sisterly contest, haha! thanks Owen!

  13. Dieting is so tough! Just when you begin to see progress, one slip up can mess up a weeks worth of can do it though! Just stay focused on your health over anything else. πŸ™‚

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