Good Morning Smoothie

Everyone has a smoothie recipe, and for good reason. They’re fun, fast, flavorful, and full of healthy things. (How many f’s can you fit in a sentence?) Owen is big on smoothies these days; which is great for me because my breakfast is often made by the time I get up. That makes for a good morning! He loves to experiment with flavors, and usually with fresh fruit. However for this recipe we used a mixed frozen organic berry blend; my contribution for the days we are out of fresh berries. He also likes to blend in some granola, so often his concoctions have a little chew.

Serves 2 (large)

As organic as you can:

12 oz Vanilla protein drink

1 cup ice

2 cups frozen mixed berry blend

2 bananas

½ cup granola (such as Kind brand blueberry and vanilla)

2 Tbsp honey (optional)

Put all the ingredients in a blender, and let her rip. When all combined and liquid-y, pour into a glass! Easy as that!

You are getting a healthy dose of fruit and some protein in this drink, so I feel it’s rather healthy. However this is not necessarily low calorie… so my recommendation is to drink your breakfast, and not to serve this with your eggs and bacon. I like my smoothie a little sweet, so I added that option. Now go seize the day!

And although this all seems very specific, I am not trying to put a boundary on the time you drink your smoothie.

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