I think I could do it, homestead. I do place an emphasis on ‘think.’ Do you watch Alaska: The Last Frontier? Granted they have years of experience, an established farm, and heavy machinery. That said, doesn’t it seem like fun? Your work is your existence, yours and your families’ and your animals’… It just seems like the way it was meant to be. I don’t believe it’d be easy. I think it’s a lot of hands-on hard work. So you’d have to have a good team. I want to be a Kilcher. Or rather, I’d like to keep my family and have us all be like the Kilchers. (Side note: did you know they’re related to Jewell, the folk singer? Atz is her dad! I thought that was interesting.) I’m sure some of you think I’m crazy, and maybe a couple weeks into homesteading, I’d think I was crazy too. But right now, I’m in.

I am also into Alaskan Bush People. Aren’t they the sweetest family? Now, there are members in my own family that don’t see things exactly the way I do regarding this topic. But for living the majority of their lives out of society, I think they seem surprisingly well adjusted. I love the way the sons and daughters talk about their mother and father. They are so respectful! And even when the brothers argue, (because if you were with someone 24/7 you’d probably argue sometimes too; I’m sure I would) you can tell they are genuinely concerned about and love one another. It seems like there is such a lack of that in the world today. I truly respect the way they are unafraid to reside in the wild, happy just to have each other and the great outdoors. I am elated that the new season has started. The cabin they built for the parents is idyllic. I can’t wait to see if the matchmaker finds wives for the boys. But live in the bush… I don’t think I could do that. At least I know myself well enough to know that one wet day in the cold would be enough to want to get me out of there. I’ve got to have some shelter, like with a roof, and I’d like a light; preferably one I can turn on and off. I’d also like to have blankets and pillows and a door. And a pharmacy with infant Tylenol within a drive.