How to Have a Last Minute Potty Party

Well if you time it right, you can potty train your child right in time for Super Bowl weekend; which could make things absolutely pun-tastic! If you’re anything like me, by the time your third kid comes along, you’re planning has mostly resorted to a last minute now-or-never wave of effort. I literally think we finished the nursery the week of his arrival. (And don’t get me started on number four, who is already one with an unfinished nursery.) By now, we already know things will turn out fine… the biggest concern during my pregnancy was about what we were going to drive- that could accommodate all of the carseats.


But finally my Elijah, baby number three is potty-trained and it was time to celebrate. Admittedly we’re a little over-the-top with our celebrations… but life is too short not to celebrate everything from the mundane to the mile stones! And because I am not above bribery to my children (or “incentives” if you will), I promised a party, with a cake, and presents when the diapers were off… A Potty Party! So you send out a few invitations to your closest friends and family, to let them know the moment has arrived. It’s a last minute thing really, because you have to strike while the iron is hot- you have to go with the momentum. Β The textedΒ invites have been sent! (No time for snail mail in a moment like this).


Then, since you’ve had a couple days to prepare but haven’t called about the promised cake, you swing by the supermarket to try and pick up an undecorated cake… because he wants lightsabers on his cake, and you’re like “Cool, I’ll pick up a couple edible gel pens and make some lines and call them lightsabers, because I’m just glad everyone’s teeth are brushed and hair is combed, and we’re out the door.” But your awesome supermarket has a Star Wars cake for sale in the showcase because your timely son has chosen something that all kids want right now and happens to be readily available. Score!


Now, you’re winging it remember, so don’t worry about making a reservation at your local Chuck E. Cheese. You never have a problem walking in anyway! That is until you realize that everyone in town has a party planned this weekend, and your particular Chuck E. Cheese has a record setting 25 parties on the same day. Ok, keep it cool, this isn’t your first rodeo. Find the first available open table, that’s where you are putting your awesome cake and settingΒ a meeting point. The kids aren’t going to be sitting for long anyway. You split up the team, and have someone go order pizzas, drinks and tokens right away; because it’s going to take a while to get that food. You pass out those tokens and let the kids play, because that’s why we’re here!

Greet your loving and accommodating friends and family as they arrive. And if you were five minutes late to your own party, thank the ones who are already there and apologize for your lack of organization. Make sure to give them plenty of tokens and please ask them to go enjoy themselves! As adjacent tables open up to the one you’ve managed to snag, grab ’em. You’ll be ready for all to eat by the time the pizza is done.


When the pizza arrives send out any messengers available, including yourself, to get the word out. Rendez-vouz back at the table to feed the hungry crowd. It’s also a good time to open presents, since everyone is gathered. (But that’s not how I did it, I let them off as soon as they were finished eating; because the kids were still excited and wanted to play more. Then I had a second rounding up, as some of my guest needed to leave but wanted to see Elijah open his gifts. So that is merely a suggestion from experience, but if you’re still flying by the seat of your “big kid” pants, you just keep going with your own flow.)


Lastly, reward your child with presents. Sure some people use sticker charts and M & M’s, but not us. You got to do what works for you. And look at that face. That’s a proud big kid! He did it! Hurray! Let your guests play and eat until the food is gone and the tokens are out. Congratulations, you pulled it off! Three down and one to go! (But who’s planning?)



  1. Wow Sadie! That was quite the marathon – both the potty training journey and the party. This is such a great read…I just couldn’t stop smiling and chuckling to myself. J had to ask me what was so funny! Well done to you and your little boy! I wish I was there for the party. It sounds as if you had so much fun!

  2. Great job… And what encouraged me the most was your faith that we would find a table, and everything would work out great…! It reminds me of when we went camping during the 4th without reservations… We so happened to get a great camping spot when the park was totally full…! Thank you for your constant faith…! God is Good!

  3. What an excellent idea to have a potty party. Why not celebrate something as important as that! Your party day seemed to go brilliantly and the little ones had a great time. I love the way you decorated the cake. Your time and patience paid out! Beautiful photos!

  4. This is great Sadie! I think this is wonderful idea, although it is really a celebration for you…no more diapers!! Love the pics πŸ™‚

  5. I thought the party was great!! I couldn’t get Isaac to leave the first time I tried lol And I liked our seating section:) …In fact it was so great, you guys got Isaac excited about using the potty πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» So proud of little E πŸ™‚

  6. Congratulations on getting Elijah potty trained! β™‘ Sadie, your celebration looks like so much fun!
    Thank you for liking my Christmas picture of a restaurant in German Village located in Columbus, Ohio! I have been really busy but trying to get back to visitors from Lynn’s post. Take care, Robin

  7. Holy cow, I don’t know how you did it! You are a way more organized “un-organized” person than me, lol! I barely kept up with one daughter’s own doings. (Albeit she was in about five after-school activities all week, dance, piano, soccer, choir, Girl Scouts) but I’m sure that would have been limited if I had more than one kid. Kudos and congrats to the little Potty-Trained Winner and Mom!

  8. Who doesn’t love a Potty Party? Every potty changer is a winner. Elijah is so cute and proud of real accomplishment. Love that little guy.

  9. I am one of your new followers and I must say your kids are just ADORABLE !! <3 I spent quite some time scrolling up and down to see their cuteness πŸ™‚ Such a humorous and informative read as well πŸ™‚

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