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Loving Lately: Cookbooks

Reading cookbooks is my favorite leisurely pass-time. I love that people share their recipes, old and new. It’s like this universal connection. People all through time and around the world can relate to feeding their family and the satisfaction it brings when they really enjoy it. I’m a long time fan of The Pioneer Woman, before she had a show on Food Network. I just appreciate her no frills approach to good food. She cooks family style with ingredients that seem to fit my family’s palate. Her new book, Dinnertime continues her trademark step-by-step photographs, homestyle meals and endearing family stories; just what I want out of one of her cookbooks. I also am enjoying her tips on meal planning, stocking the pantry and ideas for prepping ahead. And I can’t wait to make her Orange Chicken Cashew Chicken French Dip Sandwiches…


Return to Sunday Dinner is not a newly released cookbook, but it is relatively new to me. I found it really inspiring. Russell Cronkhite was a long time chef for various White House Administrations. I love his simple elevation of American classics. From the north, south, east and west, he highlights traditional dishes across the U.S. and credits the countries of origin and inspiration from which they came. While the recipes are valuable and interesting, what I loved even more was his admiration of a Sunday family gathering. It’s a celebration of gratitude for working a hard week and cherishing loved ones. I am honestly moved to get my wedding china dishes out of the hutch and set the table, at least once a week, because what am I waiting for? It’s not something pretentious or highfaluting, it’s about using your best (whatever that is), giving thanks and making memories. I love that! (And I think I know my next giveaway!)


  1. Ree is the best!! I actually discovered her years ago and waited in line in Houston to have her sign her first cookbook and her children’s book about Charlie. I’ve never had a bad recipe from her!

    1. How fun! I have her Christmas Charlie book, and 1 signed cookbook (but not in person)… BTW could you be a pal and edit my comment on your blog to l-o-v not l-i-v? Lol.

  2. What a nice calm and fun activity to read cookbooks! I have stacks and love to do the same thing. I will have to look at both of these cookbooks! Very nice Sadie. I really like the variety that your blog gives to us! It is full of lovely recipes, warm and beautiful experiences of family and helpful ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  3. My favorite cookbook is Aimée Wimbush Bourque’s Brown Eggs and Jam Jars! She was once at chef at one of Montreal’s best restaurants and is now a SAHM raising her three children while running her own urban homestead in the Montreal suburb of Laval. Her recipes are amazingly tasty and easy to make, my Darling and I have loved every single one of them so far!

  4. Oh, yes! Did you see her hour long program this past Monday? Thanksgiving! On the Ranch! What fun! I’m in the process of gathering a few of the special pieces I would love to have in her new line at Walmart. Her cookbook is also on my list. Great post Sadie, I love the stories in the cookbooks, too. Be blessed and have a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration with your family! ☺️🍗☕️🍞🍽🍹🍃🍂🍁🦃

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