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Loving Lately: Art Projects

I am not a crafty person. The idea of getting out paint kind of stresses me out. But I have to say that once the project is in progress, I actually enjoy it. And not just because my kids are making something special (that’s obvious), I love watching their personalities come out from beginning to end.

My first born for example, when he is invested in a project the amount of detail can be scrupulous. However, if you ask him to make a Christmas tree, well then it’s more like “how quickly can I get this finished and it still be satisfactory?” Done.


My three year old cracks me up. Cracks me up and keeps me busy. His favorite color is blue. Painting with blue paint on blue paper is logical. Really I think it was more about turning his hands blue. And it must have felt really neat putting his whole fist in the blue paint. It was not fun cleaning it up, thank you. (Why did I get out the paint again?) He’d rather be having a snack anyway.


Painting for my four year old is truly an art. She keeps her paint colors separate, she mixes colors on a different sheet of paper (very happy to create her own brown). She wipes her fingers in between and tries to think out her whole picture from top to bottom. It’s fascinating.

Next project with the kids… Christmas Cookies! Now that sounds like fun;)



  1. I love this dear Sadie! The differences in our children are so special and I felt your joy! I hope you give us a post on making those cookies! You and your family are lovely and i would love to see that! 🙂

  2. My 11 year old has been drawing since she was 5, a few of her Art we have framed and in our Hallway, I absolutely love the way children see things. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  3. I so admire this! I stress out about the mess any time I get paint out for the kids, and I seriously have to fight myself to let them paint it their way, and not mine. I should try it more often. I love seeing your kids’ personalities through your photos!

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