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For those of you new to my blog, welcome! I love sharing family stories, recipes and random thoughts at large. Every Thursday I try to share something I appreciate, easy “how-tos”, food and products, etc. that I think others might enjoy too.

This week’s Loving Lately: My chalkboard

I was talking to my husband about how I wished I had one of those whimsical “Merry & Bright” signs that I’ve been seeing everywhere, when it dawned on me; I could make my own. Boy, have I gotten a lot of use out of this chalkboard! I use it to list the menu for dinner gatherings, personalize a “Happy Birthday _____” sign for a member of our family, and post inspirational sayings on any given day of the week. It was just what I wanted (in a representation kind of way), but even better because it was homemade.

…And how nice is it not to have one more thing to store? Priceless;)


  1. Cute, simple and so green. Is that chalk organic? I don’t know how you find the time for anything. Merry Christmas!!!

  2. So festive! We have one in our breakfast nook where I drew a coffee mug and wrote out a quote. It took so long to make it perfect that we haven’t touched it in a year and a half!!

  3. The most wonderful pleasures often come from the simplest of concepts touched up with just a dab of creativity. The chalkboard can represent a thought, an assignment, a schedule. Versatile and fluid. Think how long these have been around and yet they can become a brand-new tradition if one chooses to implement it as such. Very cool.

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