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Loving Lately: Christmas Lights

I love this time of year. The chill in the air actually captures the excitement. And I don’t know if it’s just me, or does every adult feel like a child when they see houses, trees and bushes trimmed in lights? I think I get more excited than my kids.

I ask my husband to slow down the car… I tap the window with my pointer finger… I swivel my head back-and-forth both sides of the road… I tell my kids to look at things as fast as I can shout them out…

They are just beautiful. Every house is so individual, white (yellow) lights, colored lights, newer blue LED lights, animated features, blown up characters, just a couple windows or every square inch, nativities… And a drive around the neighborhood is holiday entertainment that doesn’t cost more than the gas.

Could you ever get tired of light season?
Well yes, like by February Santa starts seeming tired… but not lights…for every year. It’s too special.


 *Featured and last photo courtesy of Ryan French


  1. I just loooooove Christmas lights Sadie! And to be honest I never tire of them. I have fairy lights on 24/7 every day in the kitchen. Can’t imagine being without them. They make me smile, as did all the photos in this post! Happy Christmas! x

  2. I completely agree. Christmas is such a great time of the year. Everybody thinks it… I always wonder why all people think, that you can`t feel like Christmas for the rest of the year though?!

  3. I ❤️ Christmas lights as well! Every Christmas Eve my family had a tradition to drive around that night-before church-to look at all the Christmas lights:) I still love to do it, i think my favorite are huge trees all lit up in the front yard!! They’re lovely.

  4. Oh! We dearly love going to look at Christmas lights! I love your post, Sadie, and so completely relate to the excitement! 🙂 I am often the one saying, “Oh please! Can we drive through one more neighborhood!” 😀 I’m sure I let out little squeals of glee!

  5. I love love love lights and yes by February ok it is tiring! Love your pictures! In my hometown there is a street and every house has lights all over, the news crew goes and tapes it! So, if I go I will take pictures! Love this Sadie!

  6. I love lights too! As a child, on December 23rd I always had “family night” with my parents and siblings. That night consisted of driving around all of the neighborhoods to see everyone’s Christmas lights, then ordering pizza, renting movies, and sleeping on the living room floor all together.

    Now Alex and I have made a habit of driving around and hunting for Christmas lights with the kids, whenever we are out at night around this time of year. They love it too 🙂

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