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Loving Lately: The Treadmill

So, my first Thursday “Loving Lately” rendition of the year is not as much “loving” as it is “lately”. However, I’m trying to make some better choices. It really has nothing to do with the new year or any resolutions. Inadvertently, it has plenty to do with the holidays. I know the math is very simple, if you take in (eat) more calories than you burn you hang on to the excess. Thankfully the opposite is also true… So that’s what I’m going for. Actually, I saw this little quote recently on Facebook that said “I ran my first 10K this morning! I’m just kidding. I’m on my third donut.” That’s my kind of funny. My instinct says do not let that be my kind of reality. TBD…


  1. I am right with you on the treadmill thing 🙂 Started back up on mine and it’s more of a lately thing than loving too …he he he…I saw one on facebook the other day “if you see me running, you need to run too. I must be being chased” LOL 🙂

  2. Oh yes, I definitely relate to this post! I haven’t been very motivated to walk in single-digit temperatures, however, now that we’re up into the 30’s, I need to get walking! 😉

  3. I love my treadmill as well, we bought it last year so I wouldn’t have to quit running over the winter when running outside (I live in the province of Quebec in Canada, we have cold winters here like you’ve probably never seen lol) is impossible. What a Godsend! I love putting on a documentary or TV show and getting my one hour jog in a few times a week!

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