Loving Lately ❤️

Loving Lately: Take Out

Enough said, right? Because if I had time to write this post, I’d have time to make dinner.


  1. Lol Looks good to me!! I wish we had some place in Monroe that delivered in cute little boxes-I have to feed my family takeout out from those plain styrofoam boxes 😕 It’s just not the same…

    1. And my apology for again responding to you by the wrong name! I fixed it of course, because I know who you are. Thankfully you’re like family and I know you’ll forgive me!

      1. Lol No apology even necessary!! As long as you get the Ann- in there, I accept it as a form of my name😉 I know you know it’s me:-)

  2. Just keep’n it real? That’s my girl. Take out is a food group all by itself: Calories, fat, balanced diet, organic are all trumped by the crave. How blessed are we to even have such choices?

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