Loving Lately ❤️

Loving Lately #1: Fall Decorations

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I love this time of year. I love all year round really. But there is something invigorating about the cool air, the bright hints of color starting to flare out from the trees and the heart warming aromas coming out of my kitchen. They inspire me to decorate my nest! Every season I try to put out seasonal touches, I think it’s good for the kids…

Loving Lately #2: Naomi’s Outfits


Every day my daughter picks out her outfits, usually accentuated by a head band and possible bracelets; occasionally a necklace and hand bag. Honestly, I am always so surprised at her creativity, a fashionista in the making. She doesn’t forget anything, and can give thought out reasons for her selected options. I don’t know where she gets it, not from me. I’m a copy the mannequin type; but I can appreciate it when I see it.


  1. I love Fall decorations as well! I put our wreath up on our door last week and bought a huge Chrysanthemum for our front porch today! As for your daughter, she is just the cutest little sweetheart!

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