Loving Lately ❤️

Loving Lately #1: Fabulous Finds; Linens

You never know what you’re going to come across at an antique store or flea market; which is all the excitement! I consider fabulous finds to be great deals on great items. There is actually a thrift store not far from my house with the same name, brilliant! I had the opportunity the other day to find some beautiful linens at fantastic prices. For example, pictured is a hand embroidered harvest themed table cloth. Down the center is corn, artichokes and pumpkins to name a few, with more fruits and veggies in every corner. It’s also extra long to accommodate my dining table, but the best part is it only cost $8.50! I’m a happy girl.

Loving Lately #2: Fabulous Finds; Kitchen Gadgets

Fabulous finds could make a regular appearance on Loving Lately. They are as fun to me as easy appetizers. As much as I appreciate antiques, I’m not looking for decorative gadgets or collector’s items. I love finding utensils that can still be used today; which is why I got really excited to find the pasta cutter for round raviolis and the pie cutter/crimper for my pastries! (Also pictured is another cute linen.) I got both utensil for less than $10. I can’t wait to see what kind of beautiful things come out of my kitchen! Now if I could only justify the pasta attachment for my Kitchen Aid mixer…


  1. I love the antique utensils too. Your linens and the utensils are such a great find! I wish I had a store like that where I lived.

  2. I love that store! I got the most beautiful set for 12 of white dishes with scalloped edges complete with cups and saucers, salad plate and dinner plates for $150 years ago and they are still a treasured “fabulous find” today!

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