Loving Lately 🌸

Loving Lately: Lingering Summers

I’m one of those parents that doesn’t want summer to end or school to start. I do love all the seasons and the holidays… I guess I just wish that life was one big vacation.


I love all of the flowers and greenery.


I love the berries and tarts!


But even though I’m trying to hold on…


I know the seasons have an inspiring way of keeping you excited for what’s coming next.


I’ll be ready, but I don’t have to think about that today. Maybe I’ll think about popsicles?


Thank you Pinterest for helping me put my thoughts into photos… I’ll be outside.



  1. What s lovely homage to Summer and that aching feeling that creeps up at this time (and was always worse for me when I had to start thinking about back to school as I, too, wanted my gaggle of goslings on hols all the time) but you are right – it’s not the end yet and Autumn and Winter and Spring will take their turns and we will love them just the same, grieve their passing a little and then turn our fickle hearts to the next one for a while. I loved this.

  2. My bike❤️… I’m with ya, I could use another month of summer-although I do love fall-just not the long winter that follows it! Thankfully we still have a couple weekends, a couple birthday parties left-we’re going to end it the right away 🎉🎈😎

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