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Loving Lately: Dave’s Sweet Tooth Toffee

So when I started with my “Loving Lately” series I was certain I was going to share my favorite gadgets and ingredients. And I have to some extent. But I get so carried away with my enjoyment of pictures and places, that come Thursday it’s all I can think about… Until I’m struck (once again) by the best toffee ever. Let me reiterate. BEST. TOFFEE. EVER. I’ve tried a lot of toffee. Do you know my dad? And it’s not just because this toffee was made in Michigan (for which I am proud) or that it coincidentally share’s its name with my dad. I would have to acknowledge this toffee from anywhere, and with any name because it is AWESOME! And if you are not in Michigan or thereabouts, you can just B-line it for their website DavesSweetTooth.com. You’re welcome.



    1. Well, I don’t like to brag, lol, but I do know something about eating chocolate covered candy pieces… 🍫🍩🍪🍭🍬

  1. Ooh this would be a great Father’s Day gift:) So…where can I get it, and which kind do you recommend? 😃

    1. Owen recently found it at either the Whole Foods or Fresh Thyme near his work. And we recently saw it at a little specialty shop on our excursion to Holland… But I’ve included the link for assurance, lol.

      1. Sounds great, thank you! I will check Whole Foods first… it will give me an excuse to go there:) Have a good weekend!

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