Loving Lately 🚣

Loving Lately: The Great Outdoors

Does it seem like I’ve been on vacation forever? It feels like that to me. Maybe it’s just a state of mind. Anyway school’s out and we are outdoors. We are on hikes, canoe rides and kayak trips. I can write a little from our cabin and post it when we get to town. It’s been awesome really. We don’t even have phone service let alone Internet. I am connecting with nature and recharging my batteries. We’ll be back when we’re done exploring…


  1. Switch off, replenish and worry about nothing but the joy of exploring – all will be as it was when you choose to reconnect 🙂

  2. Hi sweet Sadie! I’ve nominated you for The Happiness Tag because I want you to know what joy you bring! But no hurry if you choose to participate — I know you’re enjoying some special family time and relaxation! And as Owen said above … all will be here when you reconnect! 😉 Blessings and hugs, sweet friend! Enjoy your summer!

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